Ross Lucas

Ross Lucas

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
Established on Jan, 2020
Solo Alternative Avant-garde




"Wisconsin Forklift Driver and Musician Ross Lucas' Wonderfully Strange 'Under the Sun'"

Wisconsin Forklift Driver and Musician Ross Lucas’ Wonderfully Strange “Under The Sun”
DECEMBER 14, 2020
IRC is excited to introduce all eyes and ears on this page to Eau Claire, Wisconsin forklift driver, Ross Lucas, who moonlights as a musician in his off-hours.

Lucas’ wonderful track, “Under The Sun,” is a sparsely filled, experimental composition fashioning a skinny rhythm on electric guitar and Lucas’ strangely interesting vocals and lyrics – which are spoken more than they are sung. It reminds some of Mac DeMarco.

He says that he failed music in his freshman year of high school and promptly left school to start his first band Wussbudget. Lucas never looked back, opening for bands like Tenement, Arms Aloft, and Savage Unicorn.

1. “Under The Sun” — Ross Lucasd
He moved to the U.K. following the break up of the band. During his two-year sojourn, Lucas wrote a flurry of new songs while managing to “get kicked out of a couple different bands for failing to sound like either John Squire or Tom DeLonge.”

“Under The Sun” is one of those salvaged tracks. This is what we love about indie – you don’t have to fit into a box.

Lucas is a one-man band and multi-instrumentalist. He plays, records, mixes, and masters his tracks laying down all of the work on guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. “Under The Sun” is off of his 2020 EP, Pastoral Paragraphs, a recommended listen - indie rock cafe



Ross Lucas is an Eau Claire forklift driver who sometimes moonlights as a musician, or vice versa.  Having failed music class in his freshman year of high school he promptly left school and started his first band Wussbudget.  The band quickly became a non-staple on radio but soon fizzled, a surprise victim of it's own lack of success.  With nothing to lose, Ross moved to the U.K.  During his two year sojourn he wrote many songs and managed to get kicked out of a couple different bands for failing to sound like either John Squire or Tom DeLonge.  On his return to Wisconsin he got involved in mythological sound experimenters Dietnam.   Dietnam morphed into rocknroll outfit the Giddy Aunts.  Ross played guitar and sang in the Aunts and also played bass in punk band Pronto.  The two bands shared shows with legends like the Disabled, Dios Mio, Arms Aloft, Tenement and Off With Their Heads at many regional venues such as the Warehouse in LaCrosse, Nate's Dungeon, and Thirsty Pagan in Superior.  These groups ran their course and eventually Ross joined post brit-pop band the Marquees who released one excellent single before their lead singer moved to the Czech Republic.  This left Ross all on his lonesome to finally realize his dream of releasing a full album, a project he had tried and failed at several times over the years(the best of the worst of the botched results of these attempts will be released on a compilation called 'Deformities' sometime next year).  Finally in March of 2020 he released his solo full length album 'Pastoral Paragraphs'.  He is currently working on a follow up.

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