Valrico, Florida, USA

Most of my music comes from my mothers death and bad relationships...i am one in a thousand when it comes to writing..I will write many hits if given studio time...worst case scenario i'm a tax write off but that won't be the case... give me a shot ..give yourself a shot You'll be gladd you did ..


i am the Great grandson of Charles kellog ober..One of the first founders of the WMCA...That and fifty cents will get me a cup of coffee..I grew up in New Paltz NY...My Mother got killed by a drunk driver...i had an abusive Girlfriend that i'm still not over...I've lied to myself and everyone about everything... but the one thing that I can't lie about is I'm a good song writer ...sadness drove me to write... and here I am.....



both are on you tube

Set List

It's just me with the studio musicians that I use to help for writing and recording..a guitarist/ engineer and keyboardist/engineer to record me..