Ross Bailey

Ross Bailey


There is so much great Elektro House music coming out of New England at the moment and right at the forefront of it is Ross Bailey. Available as headlining DJ talent, remix tunes, event promotion, and event flyer design. Email: for special requests.


There is so much great Elektro House music coming out of New England at the moment and right at the forefront of it is Ross Bailey. This young upcoming producer needs no introduction to the Elektro-House crowd after delivering a string of very successful tracks over the last couple of years. These include the 3 massive Elektro Therapy tracks on Sub Loaded Recordings, Audio Drug Productions and of course 2 of his solo releases thus far "Bang Love" (Ross Bailey) & "Heres Another" feat No-limits(Device).
Ross Baileys latest solo offering is arguably his biggest record to date. "Feel The Vibe" has all the hallmarks of a Ross Bailey track the tight production, the funky bassline and most of all that "Feel Good Vibe". The track was released on American label Sub Loaded Recordings at the end of last summer and soon picked up support from a host of big name DJ's including Dan Richards, Micky Slim and Kelevera
The next few months promise even more gems from our favourite producers, he just finished a remix for Alex Kidd "Extasy" (Nero Recordings) and is currently working on a remix for Micky Slim’s new track "Hit The Club" (Mass Recordings).
On the production front Ross Bailey has just completed the first release for his new label Sub Loaded Recordings - the collaboration with fellow affiliate No-Limits is aptly title "Together as One" and has already received support from Kelevera, Filthy Rich and Mr. Slim. Out on Sub Loaded in May 2009.
Next month will also see the release of Ross Baileys first Mix CD Elektro Therapy Vol 1 will be Mixed and compiled by Ross Bailey and released on Sub Loaded Recordings at the end of January 2009.


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Set List

Examle Setlist:
01. HiJack - Higher
02. Consistent - French Fried
03. Oliver Garcia - Sensation (HiJack Remix)
04. Harry Axt - Riffler
05. Santiago & Bushido - Head Trick
06. DJ Fame - In The Ghetto (The Bulgarian Remix)
07. Natty Jack - Jackin Da Garage (HiJack Remix)
08. The Bulgarian - Barn Dance (HiJack Remix)
09. Rene Van Munster - Working Title
10. Oliver $ - Marshmallow
11. Deadset - Same Great Taste
12. Jacob London - The Final Chapter
13. Style Of Eye - Koka Cheva
14. Zodiac Cartell - Used & Abused
15. Riva Starr - I Know You Want My Thang
16. Santiago & Bushido - For The People (HiJack Remix)
17. Nick Holder - Bad Girl (Solid Groove Remix)
18. Lenny D Ice - We Are I.E. (HiJack Remix)
19. Ryan Mergatroid - What You Do To Me (Stupid Fresh Remix)
20. Haraku - Gameboys On Acid (HiJack Remix)
21. Boosta - Last (Crookers Remix)
22. Poxy Music - War Paint (Speaker Junk Remix)
23. Nic Sarno - Watch This (HiJack Remix)
24. Ryan Riback - Boom (Lee Mortimer Remix