Ross Bennett

Ross Bennett


There is so much "technology" put into music these days, it's becoming rare to see a pure, stripped back and totally acoustic singer/songwriter writing blissfully unique and touching songs. This kind of music isn't heard much on the radio these days, and I want to try and change this.


Ross Bennett started playing guitar and writing songs since the age of 18. He saw an advert for a local open mic night, and, despite never having touched a guitar in his life, he thought it would be fun. He taught himself the basics of guitar, and wrote a couple of songs. He went down so well at the open mic, that he decided to keep going, and within a month was holding his first demo cd. Since then, things have grown rapidly, including interest from record labels, publishers, and appearances at a top music festival, where he did so well, he was immediately invited back for the following year.

Ross takes his influences from a wide range of sources. While he of course is inspired by similar artists such as Damien rice or Amy Macdonald, his musical passion is rock and hardcore. This darker influence comes across a lot in his lyrics, which gives a chilling juxtaposition between two very different musical themes.


1000 Lovers, available on iTunes, Spotify, Nokia Music, Napster, Amazon Music.