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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Pop




"Ross Byron ~ self-titled CD"

Ross Byron ~ self-titled CD

Okay, now is time for this reviewer to insert a subjective note into his usually impersonal and objective commentary. It so happened that on the day when Ross Byron's promotional CD got spun for the first time, the phone rang and a companion explained that she was "watching the white trash acting out on Jerry Springer." Okay, fine, the first cut on Byron's disk is called "White Trash," and glory-be, he tells us about a gal who's "no good for me, but you'd be great on Jerry Springer." Love that synchronicity, y'all -- and what you also need to know, gentle reader, is that the song is pretty much straight-ahead rock-&-roll, with saucy support on the chorus from Pam Dixon. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, you should be aware that your humble scribe has a cheesy affection for "trailer culture," a taste of which comes through with another band reviewed in this issue, Day of the Outlaw, and likewise, obviously, with White Trash Cowboys, discussed in the February edition of All Access Magazine. Well, after taking that opening trip to the trailer, Ross invites you to the “Medicine Show,” telling you that “it only costs your soul,” hmm … and then he asks, “What’s It Gonna Take?” – Well, maybe it’ll take a solid power ballad, such as Ross delivers with “Don’t Say Goodbye.” Sometimes you can tell he’s reaching for the limit with his voice, and he does it with a lot of heart. The man totally shreds on "Story of Job," asking that archetypal Biblical sad-sack, "Why can't you curse God?" Ross touches on the highlights (lowlights?) of Job's tale of woe, in a song that has a heavy, busy underline, and an outstanding lead. But in a direction that takes a turn for the happier, check out the funky feeling found in "The Na-Na Song." There you will find fine rockin’ and good, clean fun -- pumped out by a crew that includes Vinny Rose on drums, Elmer Johnson on bass, and Mike Desroches on keyboards, with expert production by Tom Stiegler. So – pull yourself away from Springer, and give Ross Byron and his music a look and a listen at: -

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oss, aka the "Byronator", is a multi-fascited guy from Amherst, MA. Not only does he have his own cable access show, he is a video tape editor during the day, and a rock and roll entertainer by night. With musical influences such as Hendrix, The Beatles, The Who, and Zeppelin, the tracks on this CD have more of a classic rock edge, with a hint of soul. I would definitely say there is a twist of humor in his songs as you can see from the titles of some of the songs, "White Trash", "The Na Na Song" and "Story of Job". "Don't Say Goodbye", and "What's It GonnaTake" are songs about relationship issues. "Medicine Show" is probably the song I liked best on this CD. It has a nice melody at the chorus. I would have to say that the vocals are not great over-all on this CD, and the lyrics are a little cheesy, but I feel it's just an extension of Ross's quirky personality. You can check some of these songs out for yourself and


Ross Byron is the ex bass player from SPIN DOCTORS & KAOS FROM ORDER. He has released a solo album that a bit of Classic Rock mixed with Grunge & Traditional Metal. The music has a strong 80's vibe, especially in the Metal sounding songs. The songs are more of a 70's Rock style. The music reminds me of a bit of RUSH, KISS, FOREIGNER & JOURNEY. While the vocals are a mix of Paul Stanley from KISS with Eddie Money & Kip Winger. This is not really my style of music, but if your into any of the above bands or singers than you'll enjoy this release.
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4 CD's with Kaos From Order
Kaos from order self titled
Murder in Times Sq
Days of Long Nights
2009 Solo CD
2018 Red and Black

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Ross Byron
Nickname "The Byronator"

Instrument Guitar, Vocals
studied Vocals with Don Lawrence
Birthday August 6th - Leo
Hometown Amherst, MA
Musical Influences Hendrix, Jeff beck, The Who, The Beatles, Led Zep
Why I got into Rock-n-Roll To see the world & meet lots of cool girls!
Favorite Song to Play Live Anything from the New Disk
When not playing Rock-n-Roll I'm... Making movies
Guilty Pleasures Sex, drink & muscle cars... although I don't feel guilty
Words to Live By Do no harm

Elmer Johnson
is a musician based out of The Bronx (AKA: Da' Boogie Down).
A classically trained musician, his interests lead him from rock and jazz to zydeco and gospel.
Always willing to jam and never one to shy away from a challenge, he enjoys working with all types of musicians whether he is on the bass, piano, or sax.
Though he does not enjoy long walks on the beach, he is partial to candles and mood music.

Vincent Ambrose
Native New Yorker,...studied with some great teacher's and taught for a number of yr's.
Headbanger at heart,heavly influenced by earlie Heavy Metal
Brit Band drummer's however his roots are in chart reading,big bands and be-bop.
Very comfortable being a heavy hittin,groove based solid player.
started playin when he was to rock...rock for life !!!

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