St. Louis, Missouri, USA

"intensely original..." artsy-indie-pop-alt/rock, with strings galore...


ROSS CHRISTOPHER, an artist that plucks the electric violin from complete obscurity and places it front and center, is holding down main melodic duties in a forward-thinking alternative, indie-rock sound.

ROSS CHRISTOPHER is “intensely original,” creating gritty textures and delivering them with confidence and zeal. Clearly influenced by groups such as Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and U2, ROSS CHRISTOPHER weaves intricate sonic textures while telling stories accumulated along life’s long, winding road. Resonating with questions, intimacy, faith, love, and tales of growth and transition, the lyrics are ubiquitous and speak to the human experience. With songs arranged to pop-perfection, it’s only a matter of time before ROSS CHRISTOPHER rises to the top of the charts.

Response to ROSS CHRISTOPHER has been developed from a strong grassroots following, selling thousands of albums worldwide. He is currently touring to promote his 6th studio release, BOXES AND HUMAN FOG, where it has been received with rave reviews from both critics and fans. It has landed RC on bills with nationally touring groups such as Guster, James Taylor, Tom Petty, Gavin DeGraw, The Wallflowers, The Black Crowes, and many more, which has also helped him perfect the live show for which he has become notorious. Live ROSS CHRISTOPHER concerts are known for gripping electric-violin solos, seamless guitar work, tight percussive grooves, and intense melodies, all of which are performed with passion and sincerity.

If you haven’t already, grab a copy of BOXES AND HUMAN FOG and be sure to catch a ROSS CHRISTOPHER show before tickets sell out, and for the most current information on music, gigs, merchandise, and other news, go to,, and

written by Brandon Marcowik


War on War

Written By: Ross Christopher

So it seems we grow as fighters
Peace haters and war charmers
Early on we learn the lies
And over time the innocent dies

I’m declaring a war on war
‘Cause war’s a dirty whore
Who soldiers on to break and bleed
And kills humanity

We’re built for dying
As if we’re lying
That peace is an option
Because it’s always an option


Boxes And Human Fog (spring 2011)
The River Child (September 2008)
Act Alive (fall 2006)
Another Week (summer 2004)
Solos (winter 2003)
Ross Christopher (fall 2002)

Set List

able to perform 3 hours of original material.