Ross Cooper

Ross Cooper

 College Station, Texas, USA

Ross Cooper's music is an eclectic blend of folk, rock, and country. He combines driving melodies with honest lyrics that captivate fans everywhere he goes. He has a unique style and a great stage presence. He is accompanied by Jon Taylor (Bass) and Justin Lentz (Drums); two outstanding musicians.


Ross Cooper got his start playing a weekly open jam at a world renowned blues bar when he was only 13. It was evident early on that Ross not only had a strong voice, but a soul beyond his years. 7 years later he is now packing venues such as Blue Light (Lubbock, TX), and The White Elephant Saloon (Ft. Worth, TX), and toured in the summer of 2009. He has shared the stage with national acts and is garnering interest statewide. Gaining fans everywhere he goes, Ross' honest lyrics are sure to captivate audiences, young and old. As diverse as he is talented, Ross enjoys playing almost any genre and his music appeals to a broad audience. A native of Lubbock, Texas, Ross has been playing guitar, writing music & performing for over 8 years and has garnered great interest within the West Texas music community. Although he considers himself primarily a songwriter, he also finds performing gratifying and has an extremely optimistic outlook on life and music. “I don’t wait for inspiration to strike; we are surrounded with enough inspiration to write a million songs, so I try to take advantage of it.” Cooper's influences range from Gram Parsons to B.B. King and it is evident in his music.


Headcase (2009 single from upcoming sophomore album)

Ross Cooper (2009 Debut Album)

When I Think About Your Leaving (First track on debut album) - Currently playing on many stations in west Texas.

Set List

Sets are usually 45 minutes - 1 hour long. We play 2-3 sets at venues, but have been know to play 4 sets.

1. When I Think About Your Leaving
2. For Two
3. Be Kind
4. Louisiana
5. All you sinners
6. Headcase
7. Let Go
8. 3 O'clock Blues (B.B. King cover)
9. Infidel
10. Oh Sally
11. Ballad
12. Reckless
13. Let Go
14. Be My Dove
15. 18 and Vengeful
16. Skinny Gene
17. Shakedown on 9th Street (Ryan Adams Cover)
18. Message
19. Oklahoma Line
20. Lies (Black Keys Cover)