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Fort Walton Beach, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF

Fort Walton Beach, FL | SELF
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Young Voices on Fort Walton Beach's Evolving Music Scene"

Young Voices on Fort Walton Beach’s Evolving Music Scene
By Nikki Hendrick

Every scene experiences changes, whether the cause is the trickle of wider pop culture shifts, scene champions moving to new areas, or bands and venues simply ceasing to exist. In Fort Walton Beach’s case, the city is currently experiencing a music resurgence centered on younger bands and accessible all-ages shows.

Guitarist Josh Carter may only be 18, but he already has the privilege of being a member of the one and only Joe Fingas’ newest project Finga FAYA. He’s also working to on a pair of original projects, Happy Campers and Second Breakfast.

Carter has quickly earned a name for himself as a blues guitarist, and usually can be spotted in a well-worn Led Zeppelin t-shirt. However, his gateway to the blues was a seminal metal band.

“The original intent with me playing blues was actually Metallica,” says Carter. “I noticed they played a lot of the pentatonic stuff, and I realized that was a lot of what the blues guys played. I started playing blues so I could eventually play metal. I ended up loving the blues so much that it kind of took over.

“The magic of a blues song is that you can change it every time you play,” he adds. That’s something Carter has enjoyed the freedom of, whether writing original songs or reinterpreting classic ones. Memories—like attending the Pinetop Perkins Foundation Master Class last year to learn from former Muddy Waters guitarist Bob Margolin— are part of what Carter values most.

“I am kind of living my dream right now. Anytime I’m playing music and I’m able to let go like that—it’s just phenomenal.”

He believes the Fort Walton Beach music scene is experiencing a comeback. “I feel like some of my friends are helping to spearhead a new movement (here). I really love seeing it grow and that more people are getting into the live music scene.“

Among those Carter considers leading the charge is the alternative rock band Rossi. With the oldest member about to celebrate his 20th birthday, it isn’t surprising to learn that the band formed through high school friendships.

Chance Gibson handles the lead vocal and rhythm guitar duties for Rossi. He sees their ages as both cause to celebrate and an obstacle for growing the band. “Sometimes it affects our credibility with some of the venues we’re trying to play, but it’s great to me that we’re getting such a head start. It gives us a jump on the game.”

Gibson calls the band a “renewed take on good, bluesy, soulful rock ’n’ roll. We put our hearts into it and whatever comes out comes out. To me, music is always about expression.”

Following a headlining gig at the 2014 Billy Bowlegs Festival, you’re just as likely to see Rossi playing a free all-ages show as a cover charge gig somewhere. “We play at the Moose Lodge (Fort Walton’s Royal Order of the Moose) a lot, which is great,” says Gibson. “Brady Lynch is one of our friends, and he puts on shows there almost every month. They are all-ages, and it gives kids a fun place to cut loose. They don’t have to worry about anything but just enjoying the music.“

After recording at Chromatic Sound studios this summer, Bruce Kimball and Rossi guitarist Logan Clinkingbeard are currently finalizing the mix for the band’s first EP, The Curiously Strong.

The release party will be at the Green Door, the prominent all-ages venue located in Downtown Fort Walton Beach. “Our friends Beyond Tales, another great young local band, are going to open up for us,” says Gibson. The FREE event happens Saturday, Aug. 16. Doors open at 6 p.m.

“I really hope that people want to listen to it, and that they’ll listen to see what we’re all about,” Gibson says of the album.

Discover more about Josh Carter at and Rossi at rossiband. - The Beachcomber

"30A Songwriter Radio Interview"


"The guys were so much fun, they sounded GREAT!
If you ever feel like letting loose and rocking out, find out where you can catch the band Rossi, and do it!" - 30A Songwriter Radio


Still working on that hot first release.



Blending and mingling soulful folk expression with 70’s garage-punk stylings characterizes the resonant stomp Rossi collectively embraces. Hailing from the snowbird haven that is Northwest Florida, Rossi approaches songwriting with an abominable spirit that reaches toward the rhythm & blues aura that permeates the southern U.S and grabs a few pinches of beach punk and Brit-new wave to level out the handful. The conglomeration of influences effectively paves a comfortable space in a music climate destine for revolution and the spirit of loud guitar-based songwriting bleeds through Rossi's power-house momentum. As with every indirect love letter to punk-rock expression comes the need to put one's money where one's mouth is in regards to live performance; handheld confetti guns, fog machines, shoulder-sat-middle 8's, and the encouragement to dance and embrace one another are not off limits at a Rossi show. When approaching a song, an album, or a live performance, Rossi aims to reach to the back row (or only row) for a high five congratulating the spirit of finding a comfortable place in a singular moment. If one message is to be sent from the music of Rossi it is to embrace the courage in shouting from a place of love: "Here I am, and f*** you if you don't understand me".

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