Ross Jordaan

Ross Jordaan

 Stellenbosch, Western Cape, ZAF

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Barstool Baby

Written By: Ross Charles Clemons

Barstool Baby

So I looked at my pretty new watch,.. it was early but man was I lost
The glass I held reflected my life, to be honest nothing good came to mind
Love was the answer, but I was lost at sea, messages in bottles I send out...
always made their way back to me.

Hallo lonely people, your drink’s on me, but that won’t save my soul.
Somebody save me from myself, this love I never knew I always missed.

Second part:
The next moment a beauty walked in, the earth moved as my heart melted within’
A vision but an angel she couldn’t be, because she chose the barstool next to me.

Hallo barstool baby... your drink’s on me, but please save my soul..
Hallo barstool baby... your the love I knew I always missed.

Third part:
So she finished her drink in style, took a walk but promised to say goodbye..
Well this fifteen years went by so slow, I’m still returning here hoping she would show.

Hallo barstool baby.. your drink’s still on me,.. but please save my soul,
Hallo barstool baby.. your the love I know I will always miss ..
your the love I knew I always missed..
your the love I knew I will always miss.

Last part:
I’m still thinking about the night, that a barstool baby almost saved my life x3... (fade)