Ross Royce

Ross Royce

 Auckland, Auckland, NZL

New Zealand rock artist "Ross Royce". Singer/Songwriter/Muiti-Instrumentalist
Ross Royce song's have been featured on radio , film and television show's !


Ross Royce is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand

News Flash!!

The Ross Royce song's 'Mrs.Vain' and the instrumental of 'Life Worth Living' will be featured on an upcoming U.S Movie to be released in 2016 , more news soon !

More good news !! The song 'Life Worth Living' will be featured on a 2nd U.S movie to be released late 2015 , more news soon !!

Ross Royce new E.P " Dreams of a Common Man" produced by Stuart Stuart who produced the Sheppard song 'Geronimo' which is going up the charts Worldwide including the U.S Billboard top 50 !!

The Ross Royce song 'We Can Win' was recently featured on ESPN College Football "Plays Of the Week " .
Watch Here :

Also the Ross Royce song 'Life Worth Living' was featured on the show "Combat Hospital" ('Triage' Episode-12) in Canada and the U.S in 2011 , the show averaged 1.5million viewers in Canada and 3.94 million viewers in the U.S. The song is off the debut album of the same name out now!!

Ross Royce have just returned from a successful tour of the U.S which included performances at the prestigious 'South By South West' music festival in Austin,Texas in 2009 and they headlined at the famous Whiskey agogo in Los Angeles in 2010. To date they have had airplay on 32 U.S college radio stations as well as key alternative radio stations Worldwide!

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General Info

Ross Royce has also had tracks featured on Foxtel ,Australia ; his song 'Mrs. Vain' has been featured on the Canadian/U.S television 'True Justice' starring Steven Seagal .

Ross Royce debuted on the Australian and New Zealand scene with his 7-track c.d "Get it Together" and followed it up with his debut album "Life Worth Living" which to date has had airplay on 32 college radio airplay across the U.S .
Ross Royce has recently returned from successful performances at the Whiskey a gogo in 2010 and he performed live at the SXSW music festival in Austin,Texas 2009 .

Other achievements are listed below:
-More than One Million hits on his myspace page(
-Mainstream radioplay for song "Life Worth Living" in Australia and New Zealand in 2010
-Performed at SXSW 2009
-Top 5 indie album of 2010 on 'Australian Internet Radio'
-Went to No.2 garage,No.5 Indie and No.7 Rock on the Australian myspace 'Top Artists'chart.
-Top 10 on a number of internet radio charts World wide!!
-Artist of the week on 2010),Garage 2010) and on LPM(March 2010).
-Two music videos appeared on Australian National T.V show "The Music Jungle"(Channel Nine)
-Featured on two U.S compilation albums in "Riot on Sunset" and "Skratch indie sampler" V.7
-Worldwide digital distribution and nationwide physical distribution across Australia as well as distribution with 'Amazon' in the the U.S.

Short Description:

Tripped out,new age Rock!



Written By: Ross Royce


There's my modern day teacher, there's my modern day babe
you're so good i could eat ya,youre so good youre a rave
Looking good in black leather, looking good in high heels
Really good to meet you babe,now tell me whats the real deal..

Chorus: Hello Mrs.Vain,step out from the rain
Take you to a higher plain,gonna worship in your name
Hello Mrs.Vain, hanging out with Hussien
Gonna come inside your brain
Hello Mrs...Vain

Are you really gonna whip me, are you gonna make me moan?
I think your really,really wanting to really rock n'roll
Oh your so commanding,so high in your field
So come on sweet darling,just hit me with whats real!


Rap: I want to flam it,slam it,stick it and ram it;with passion and fashion,and lashings of pashing;so take it,to make it with meaning or fake it,i'll spray it to say it,why waste it ,lets play it!
I'll test you,injest you,invest you,undress you;lets do it,to move it,with gusto,lets screw it! Bitch me,or ditch me sweet lover ,enrich me;your highness in waiting,i want you sweet baby!
I really,really mean it man! I really do believe it man!
I think you really ,really need it man!So honey baby come on!
So let us never ever leave it man.Like you really could believe this plan.
I think you really need it Stan! So honey baby come on!
Chorus to end.

Good Year

Written By: Ross Royce

Good Year

Ive been waiting for a good year
Ive been thinking about the good years
Ive been wishing for a good year
The best year of our lives

Oh darling you remember(x3)
When everything was alright

Memories inside my head(x3)
Now everything has turned to red
Memories inside of my head

Baby im losing my mind(x2)
Baby im losing control
Got no rhythm got no soul
Trying to save all of mankind

(You..I love you..yes i do..all of you..)
I was lost in a lovely dream;a dream of new life
The scene was very clear and i found you
I was dreaming..of me

Ive been dreaming about the good years
Ive been drinking to the good years
I'd like to thank you for the good years
The best years of our lives

Oh darling you remember (x3)
When everything was alright;Yeah!

Thats not me

Written By: Ross Royce

Thats Not Me

In a house where you live;in a house in a grid
there are people ,there are walls;but that's not me

In a life that you lead;In a life that you feed
there's a circus in your head,but that's not me

Im alone enough ,to be out of touch,with your dream

Do you pack ,do you pay,do you like the common way?
Do you think like you drink,or fade away..?

Are you searching for a way,to be happy everyday
Always chase ,what a waste,but that's not me

Im alone enough ,to be out of touch with your scene

..and the house with the fence ,is your best damm defense
Against those ,who have chose,to be free!

Mixed Up World

Written By: Ross Royce

Mixed up World

As you rise for work and put on a shirt a thought come’s through

What the hell we gonna do..

I feel so plastic so lock me in a cage,im running around naked

like ive got roadrage.

The power in the money ,the people in control,all that ive got is a little bit of soul

Oh can you help me to make things real ,I need some reaction not cold faces of steel !

Oh,we live in a Mixed up World,We live in a Mixed up World

I hang out at pub’s,I hang out at clubs,I hang out with people who like to do drugs

You’re so unhappy part of the machine,you’re acting like baby’s ,you know what I mean..?

The guy’s want sex,the girl’s want space,we live in a fucked up mixed up race

What we gonna do all you girl’s and boy’s;

to make some peace,we got to make some noise!!

We can defeat them!Give me some meaning..maybe im dreaming!

Let’s start leading,yeah!

The bullshit in the game,the worship in a name,lose all you're thinking on the stock exchange!The power in the real,the perfect ideal,just make up the way you really feel!

Oh,we live in a Mixed up World,We live in a Mixed up World..

Rescue Me

Written By: Ross Royce

I see you've lost your way
Your out on your own
You've never seen the sky
You've lost your urge to try
Please lead me with your smile

You float all away
You start new life today
You whisper and you play
Your soul is your disguise
I'll soon be by your side

Ch:Walking through,im feeling you
You lead the way ,im breaking through
A twist of light will blind my eye
well its o.k im feeling high
Im feeling high

I know you wait for me
So blinded let me see
Changing of this mind
Far from those that lie
Waiting for their time.

Ch2:Now im rising,without trying
Out of life,the're testing you
Those in living,souls forgiving
Come on through to rescue you
The're gonna rescue you.

Hello People!

Written By: Ross Royce

Hello People!

Hello People! Hello World! Hello Brothers! Boys and girls!
Hello peacelovers,warmongers,
the out of site! Visonarys,missionarys,millionaires,billionaires,

Get it Together

Written By: Ross Royce

We gotta get together,gotta get together
We got to make things better,gonna shine forever

There's a time to have a dream,there's a time to dream a scene
There's a time for looking good,there's a time for Hollywood
Hey baby what we gonna do? There's a time and this time is new
Well you know what I know,time to watch the people grow

We gotta get together,gotta get together
We got to make things better , gonna shine forever !

Now its time to dance around,oh yeah!
Time to get ourselves out of here
time so that we start again,oh yeah!

(Refrain:We have got to get it together..We have got to get it together..!)

In Australia,Romania,Albania,Indonesia,Micronesia,Zimbabwe,U.K;
Argentina,Slovenia,Israel,Lebanon,Greece,Peace,o.k !
In Iran,Iraq,Kuwait,North Korea,South Korea,China,U.S.A !
Russia,Finland,Poland,Iceland,New Zealand,Norway;
France,Germany,Japan,Sudan,South Africa,let's play!
Canada,Cuba,India,Pakistan,Italy and Spain;
Taiwan,Hong Kong,Madagascar,North Alaska,Peru,hey!

The Cross Roads

Written By: Ross Royce

The Cross Roads

Choose what you want to believe..
In a World that is free in the wonderment of everything
We all try to be hard , we all try to be normal..
We are just trying to be perfect people

We’ve been in a daze for centuries now
We have found our place its not hard to see now , see now !

We’re at the Crossroads of history , we lead the charge of the calvery
We found the key and a way back home
We stand at the Cross Roads ,Crossroads!

Sing like you’ve never sung before
For its time to end all war , through the consiousness of everyone.
And we all try to love..We are one from the skies above ;
we are just trying to be perfect people

We’ve been in a daze for centuries now
We have found our place its not hard to see now , see now !


For you and me..and now we see
From the mountains .., to the sea ..through the grassfeilds to the city
We are trying ! We are trying!


Helping Hand at Christmas

Written By: Ross Royce

Helping Hand at Christmas

Everybody needs a helping hand at Christmas
Everybody needs to show they really care
Everybody needs a helping hand at Christmas
Show your heart , feel the love to your fellow man

We all wish for a better tomorrow
We shall cherish all our family
Show your love to all of Gods children
See the light, sing with joy and harmony!

Well I got a present for you
Right beneath the Christmas tree
We shall sing in harmony
We feel love , we feel love , we feel love!

See the guiding light in the distance
Follow the star to your destiny
For we all wish for a better tomorrow
Show your heart, feel the love for your fellow man
See the light , sing with joy Santas here !
Feel the love , feel the joy ,show you really care

Its Christmas Time!

Written By: Ross Royce

It's Christmas Time!

Yes ! Oh it’s Christmas Time!
Now! Come see the Christmas tree
Wow! Come on and feel the joy!

Smile! See all the children play
Shine ! and feel so heavenly
Love, to all your fellow man
At Christmas time !

Gonna feel the loving in our hearts

Wow! See all the stars around
Seek, for all those who pray
Sing! Ye all in harmony
At Christmas time !

Gonna feel the loving in our hearts
Gonna feel the love!

Oh its Christmas time !
Yes! Come on and feel the joy!
Wow! Come on its Christmas time!!


7-track E.P:"Get it Together"(2007)
"Mrs.Vain","Mixed up World","Thats not me"-Internet and radio airplay.Distributed nationally around Australia.

11 track debut album "Life Worth Living"-Just Released early 2009.

New release 'Millionaires in Heaven' early 2010.

New mini album "The New Global Cool" released July 2010

New E.P 'Dreams Of a Common Man' out 2011!

Set List

More than 50 songs for live performance