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"Mike Roste"

Mike Roste
Bryan Birtles /

Even if we’d sometimes like to forget, everyone knows that family is important. And if you’re going to pursue a music career, family is even more important. Who’s going to let you crash at their place for free until your next tour starts, or your record company dough starts rolling in?

Which is why, for singer-songwriter Mike Roste, his most prized possesion is his guitar. Handcrafted by his father, the custom Martin that Roste learned to write songs on took months of sanding, laquering and tweaking to get right.

“I knew how to play a little bit already but I really got into songwriting once I had that guitar my dad made,” Roste says. “I tried writing a few songs before on this cheap Takamine I had, but when my dad handmade me a guitar, that kind of gave me the extra push that my family was supporting me.”

That extra push has culminated in the release of Roste’s newest album, Distance Before Miles. Recorded with Stew Kirkwood, the album contains songs about a diverse range of topics—something that was important to Roste when he set out.

“I just find the music industry always wants to sell sex and love but I like to have a song that somebody might say, ‘Ok this is about love and sex, but it could also be about something deeper,’” he says. “A lot of people have told me that they’ve heard a few of my songs and they’ll think one thing about it, but when I tell them what I wrote it about they’ll see a few more angles.”

Some of the proceeds from the sales of his new album will go towards supporting the work of an organization called Mercy Ships which provides medical care in developing countries.

“I think it’s always good to give and especially to a non profit organization that is doing something like that,” says Roste, recounting that he found out about the organization through his sister, who volunteered as a nurse with Mercy Ships. “They worked with a lot of countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia, removing cataracts and tumours from people that didn’t have proper health care in their countries. It’s all volunteer nurses and doctors so I thought it would be nice to support an organization that works for a good cause, and that my sister works for.” V

Wed, Feb. 11 (8 pm)
Mike Roste
Urban Lounge
- brian brittles- vue magazine feb 5th, 2009


we have 2 full length albums: 1) chillaxin(2005), 2) distance before miles(2008)
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"You painted a picture, it reflects your life."

These words are so eloquently sung as lyrics from Mike Roste's song Good Advice. If his life were a painted picture, it would be one with a calm theme, full of true, meaningful and vibrant colours.

Born in Burnaby, British Columbia, but raised in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Mike fell in love with music at an early age. He always dreamed of performing, and is excited to be able to create songs filled with meaning, soul, and heart.

His music is an eclectic blend of acoustic, folk and popular sounds. Mike has a wide variety of musical influences, but his dynamic combination of these three genres makes for an intriguing musical experience.

Some of Mike's proudest musical moments happened during 2008. In March, he and a few of his musical friends won the Battle of the Bands competition at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. As a result, Mike and his band mates opened for Faber Drive. In November and December, he shot a professional music video for his song Wait Away. He also performed several shows in and around Edmonton, and back home in Meadow Lake.

2009 will see Mike touring across Western Canada, hitting spots in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Mike has always been an extrovert, a sociable guy who loves to make friends. For him, music is one way of sharing his love for life with others. He said he strives to write honest, thought-provoking lyrics, and to date has written over 100 songs.

Family and friends mean the world to Mike and he is thankful for their support and guidance. They have been behind him every step of the way on his musical journey, and one of Mike's prized possessions is the custom handcrafted guitar made by his father.

Part of the proceeds from Mike's album sales will be going to support Mercy Ships, a charity that provides medical care and empowerment to those in third-world countries. This cause is one that is close to his heart, as his sister is a registered nurse who is currently taking part in the program, helping and healing those in need.