This is a meeting between Ian Carr, guitar, from England and Niklas Roswall, nyckelharpa, from Sweden. Together they mix new and traditional folkmusic from their traditions to something fresh and very unique.



Things never turn out the way you think they will. Perhaps it is chance playing around with us; perhaps someone else? The long trail of time sometimes seems, on its way to the future, to make unexpected twists, and the most disconnected of events can in some inexplicable way link and form a pattern.

Almost twenty years ago Niklas had already made his decision: drums! The shiny and brightly coloured drum kit at Bruno Eberhards Musik in Tomelilla was already haggled over and settled on. But that very same evening a nyckelharpa crossed his path and history took a different direction altogether.

About the same time, far away on the other side of the North Sea, Ian sat at home in Penrith gradually improving his skills on the accordion. By chance he happened to borrow a guitar and, having plucked out his first tune, Octopus Garden, decided to convert.

Much later they both, following a string of coincidences, ended up in a small Greek village and performed together for the first time. Once back in Sweden they continued to play together and it wasn‚t long before they got in the car and headed for Umeå to record "Step on it!" One thing leads to another, and here is the result of a chain of events that started long ago, when a drum kit became a nyckelharpa and an accordion became a guitar.


"Step on it!" DROCD035 (