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Although Roswell only formed in the spring of 2006, in one short year they have proven they are ready to be taken seriously as a band. Danny Braaten, Jordan Pritchett, and Tahvo Laukkanen began jamming together in April of 2006, and instantly felt a connection, both as friends and fellow musicians. The trio hit the road running and began writing original songs but felt the sound needed more depth. It was with this in mind they added Steve McPherson on bass to fill out the sound in August of the same year. Having their first dozen songs ready, they began doing shows in the Greater Vancouver area and have developed a loyal following. Although their personal musical interests run from heavy metal to country and back again, the bands influences have begun to center around the masters of rock, including such bands as Metallica, Pantera, Motley Crue, and the Misfits. Roswell has begun to set itself apart from other bands because of their solid musical background and dedication to the practice that is necessary in the hard fought music industry. Roswell accomplished the near impossible: amalgamating their influences into a sound that is truly like no other, completely unique and constantly inventive. With all this happening in the first year, it will be interesting to see where the music they continue to create takes them in the coming years, as well as the direction their music takes the rest of the rock music industry.



Written By: Danny Braaten

And down from the sky descended the wife of all evil,
To rid the land of all fallen man who had lost their way.
And through the night heard were the cries of all horror,
The queen of darkness has come home.

Daughter of evil and the serpent's son,
Keeper of secrets she's the chosen one,
(Whoa) Sweet Miserabelle

Slayer of theives and she'll kill you too,
Seductive demon you'll wish you never knew,
(Whoa) Sweet Miserabelle

No time for love no time for heartbreak baby,
But maybe i'll see you in hell,
Bride of destruction you're my only lady,
(Whoa) Sweet Miserabelle

Satanic slut born into the wild,
Hell freezes over at the though of her smile,
(Whoa) Sweet Miserabelle

Harlot of horror, fire in her eyes,
Elders tell stories of her wicked cries,
(Whoa) Sweet Miserabelle

There comes a time in every man's life,
When he's forced to choose a winding road,
One is paved with dirt but honesty,
The other is paved with pleasure and gold.

Freddy Krueger

Written By: Danny Braaten

(I'm running) Down the street of elm,
(My nightmare) Freddy's at the helm,
(He's coming) Kocking at your door.
(I'm dreaming) Freddy's in my head,
(I'm screaming) As my sheets turn red,
(So loud) The neighbours can't ignore.

Hell's Gates

Written By: Danny Braaten, Jordan Pritchett

You hear the demon calling out, from deep inside this hell,
Your sins are dragging you to the ground.
Evil is lurking all around, and screams of endless pain,
All good was lost never to be found.

The time is here, to face your fear,
Damnation awaits, beyond hell's gates.

The flames of justice burning on, fueled by agony,
The demon's eyes see through your soul.
Women in chains are bound enslaved, to bid to his dirty deeds,
The beast sits proudly on his throne

The time is here, to face your fear,
Damnation awaits, beyond hell's gates.


Roswell Demo

Set List

We can play up to an hour and a half set and we usally play 1 or 2 covers per set

Soldiers of Sorrow, Death is Perversion, Deathwagon, Untitled, Hell's Gates, Love Like A Drug, Freddy Krueger, Miserabelle, 6:40

Possible Cover's:
Saturday Night, Aces High, Shout At The Devil, For Who The Bell Tolls, When The Saints Go Marching In, Last Caress, Enter Sandman, Master Of Puppets