Rosy Likes Red

Rosy Likes Red

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Rosy Likes Red creates music to appeal to people who like infectious lyrics and memorable guitar riffs. Their energetic stage performance makes fans wanna "get naked and dance!"


ROSY LIKES RED, an Alternative Rock/New Wave band founded in Baltimore, Maryland, writes and performs original songs.

Over the last two years, they have worked tirelessly to develop a bond with their fans. Their efforts have resulted in a loyal following in MD and other areas of the country like VA, WA, TX, IL, and CA. They have street teams in MD, NY, and GA. Some of these devoted fans have even initiated fan pages on myspace “Get the Hype Up for Rosy Likes Red” and the RLR fan page for facebook.

When they are not performing, they are on the scene promoting at local shows and events. They enjoy meeting people and making new friends. Their hard work and promotional efforts is beginning to pay off as they have been invited to perform at some of the biggest venues in Mid-Atlantic area including the Sonar, Recher Theatre, and the 9:30 Club. In 2009 and 2010 they earned a spot on the DC stop of the Vans Warped Tour and have played on the Kia/Kevin Says Stage and the Ernie Ball Stage.

With emotional lyrics, memorable melodies, and an infectious pseudo-retro sound, ROSY LIKES RED is a new fresh sound.


EP "Things Left Unsaid" Summer 2010

Set List

30-45 min. set list:
1. Give Up
2. Down
3. Girl You Take My Breath Away
4. And I Would've Gotten Away With It Too (If It Wasn't For Those Meddling Kids)
5. Stay
6. Sixteen Ain't So Sweet
7. Falling Over You
8. They Way I Feel Tonight
9. Dying To Save You
10. You Look Better With The Lights Out