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"Rotimi: Beautiful Music video + song"

At 15 years old Rotimi Akinosho wowed the historically brutal Apollo Theatre crowd, singing his way to first place at amateur night. As an opener for international superstars rapper T.I., Estelle and NERD, Rotimi has solidified his standing as one of the brightest up and comers in the business. With his newly released hit single “Beautiful Music” securing hundreds of Myspace and Facebook plays a day, Rotimi is on track to developing himself as a capable artist and industry force. Damn, "Beautiful Music" music video by Rotimi is fresh off the streetz (July, 2009)! Ohh man, this underground joint has just been released. Put on that headphone and start noddin'. -

"Rotimi – Update"

Once again, I’d like to introduce myself, Mr. Put On aka Liad Put U On. I like to think that my purpose in my posts is to put “the people” (you) on to someone or something that has a lot of promise and shows major potential to becoming a household name. Previously my man T. Adeyemi introduced you to Rotimi, an up and coming R & B artist who graces us with “Beautiful Music” and whose potential seems limitless at the moment. Recently his facebook fan page surpassed 5,000 fans having been up only a month he’s looking to get 10K by August. The single “Beautiful Music” is hitting radio stations near you so you can start calling in and requesting. Here’s an exclusive video update from the Future of R&B himself: -

"Introducing the Sound of “Beautiful Music” By Rotimi"

In the beginning, when the whole idea to create was hashed out over 4am Denny’s think tank/after party rendezvous and late night dorm room “get rich” brainstorming; there was always one central idea that stuck no matter how much the original concept evolved. That objective was that one main goal of CRM should be to become an asset to up and coming artists, producers, and anyone else who sought out positive exposure. And in keeping up with that original adage it’s always welcoming to have new artists reach out to us in hopes of getting out their dreams (Kanye just seemed to say that best.) With that being said, I would like to introduce Rotimi to those who do not already know him.

With a big assist coming from CRM marketing honcho Liad Onitiri I would like to present you all with a brief look into the budding star that is Rotimi.

Rotimi Akinosho is a Maplewood, New Jersey singer/songwriter/actor/model who is currently attending Northwestern University in Chicago. The young multi-talented entertainer has been winning crowds over since adolescence, having won amateur night at the world famous Apollo Theater at age 15. Since then Rotimi has attempted to sustain his initial success by continually recording and performing at & around campus. He also took a route that is becoming more & more common for R&B artists today and released a mixtape entitled, “The HG Compilation.” The mixtape was well received having sold 800 copies in just 2 weeks.

Rotimi’s newest single “Beautiful Music” is gaining steam across the internet with several hundred plays a day. I must admit its been in rotation since I received the track, and a few chance listeners around at the time have also stamped the song as a definite hit. The way Rotimi allows the beat to guide your body’s movements, but at the same time completes the track with captivating lyrics is something not always found in today’s R&B.

As a bonus check out another song that fans of Rotimi seem to be requesting as well, called “Good Good.” This song reminds you of Snoop’s “Sexual Seduction” with a Neptunes flavor.

One thing is clear, Rotimi will continue to grind in hopes of garnering an opportunity with a major label. He has already been cosigned by several major artists including Vickie Winans and Jay-Z. But truthfully, I’m sure even he will admit that none of that matters if the fans are not feeling the music he makes. But if my opinion is worth anything I’d say that dude is on the cusp of making a breakthrough album. He’s got the essentials, a good voice, talent outside of just singing, and most importantly a what looks like a good work ethic. Grinding is, and will always be recognized around here. So in the near future be on the look out for a follow-up interview and more new music from, “…the future of R&B” Rotimi. -


...Rotimi Akinosho, better known as Ro, is prone to rock the crowd and make the ladies swoon. Rotimi has been spreading his love for music since a young age- at 15 he took first place in Amateur Night and second place in Showcase at the Apollo in Harlem, NY. He has even showcased his skill for the rapper and CEO Jay-Z who was impressed with Ro’s showmanship and amazing vocal ability. At the ripe age of 19 he can appeal to the younger teen audience while his maturity, range, and lyrical talent help him woo the older generations. Originally from Maplewood, NJ, this young model, actor, and vocalist now resides in the Chicago area where he is a student at Northwestern University, which is where he met Dre-Dub... -

"the futue of R&B"

Rotimi Akinosho affectionately known to his hometown fan base as “Rotimi” is blazing the East coast and Midwest with his sultry voice, unique swagger, and lyrical presence. Performing with the vocal stylings and song writing of a seasoned professional and creating a well-rounded modeling and acting career to boot, he can usually be found rocking the mic and making the ladies swoon, while balancing his focus on earning a degree at North Western University. Taking first place at the ripe age of 15 at Amateur Night at the World Famous Apollo in Harlem, NY, he is use to making lasting impressions on industry giants like Jay –z with his showmanship,swag and vocal maturity, Rotimi is definitely ready to make his debut appearance as an actor and show the world that he is here to stay. This amazing New Jersey native who is currently working on his all around catalog is ready to take his gift to the next level. Transcending, unique, gifted, mature, and highly capable of delivering power packed performances time and time again. ITS HIS TURN NOW!
so how old were you when you find your passion for music?

I just turned 20 in Novemeber. i found my passion for music when i was about 8 years old after i heard my first michael Jackson album. After i heard that i knew that entertainment was what i wanted to do because he affected so many different people.

who are your imsperations when you do your music?

My inspiration are the people that listen to my music. I try to create songs that people can really relate to rather than just fantasy. it inspires me to keep doing what im doing when i see people singing the words to my songs because it shows me that there feelin what there hearing.

listening to your music, you really seem to have your own style, is sounding differnt something you work on?

Yea sounding different is important to me because too many people are going after the same goal im going for, and that is to be the best at what they do. I try not to go with the normal because people dont want ot hear the same gineric kinda song over and ovr and over again u know. so i just try to write songs that seperate myself from the pack

if you can work with any body out right now, who would it be

Haha thats funny cuz my guy just asked me that like 5 mins before this. Umm i would have to say this rapper named Drake..not alot of people know him but dudes a beast, but songwriters i would have to say Ne-yo or The dream. There at the level where i want to be at so i respect there hustle -


The single Beautiful Music is starting to pick up steam across the radio waves.



At 15 years old, Rotimi wowed the historically brutal crowd at the world renown Apollo Theater, singing his way to first place at amateur night. Since then, the New Jersey singer/songwriter/actor/model has achieved national recognition for his powerful vocals and distinctive confidence. Across the nation, Rotimi has captured the hearts of plenty, reaching a fan base of over 50,000 through constant touring and vibrant media campaigns.

Rotimi has shared the stage with the award winning America’s Best Dance Crew- Jabbawockies, TI, Estelle, NERD, Raheem Devaugh, and a laundry list of recording artists. Rotimi's philanthropic efforts include Kanye West's Concert Benefit for Chicago Public Schools and Northwestern University's highly acclaimed charity event- Dance Marathon.

With his newly released online single “Beautiful Music”, securing thousands of downloads each day, along with reappearances on WGCI's "The Come Up" and "Whispers in the Dark", Rotimi has developed himself as a capable artist and industry force. It is no wonder people are labeling him- The Future of R and B
For more information on the budding R&B vocalist visit,, and, or follow the talent on twitter at