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London, England, United Kingdom

London, England, United Kingdom
Band EDM


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The X-Files"

The ex-files: Anne-Kathrin and Ian - Two former lovers explain what went wrong

His story: Ian Barber is 28. He is a former Navy communicator turned vocalist and producer of techno band Rotkäppchen. He is currently single.

I admired how Anne really went for it in life. She had a family to support her and put her through the best banking schools in Germany. But I don't think she felt that was her calling. She could have made a lot of money, but chose to break out. I found that hugely attractive. I'd spent four and a half years in the Navy before moving to London to pursue a career in music.

Right from the start it was intense. There wasn't much time to stand back and be romantic; it was hectic, always going to gigs, always going out. Then we started rehearsing together. When she told me she loved me so soon I couldn't accept it. I suspected Anne thought she had found in me some super-confident, flamboyant music man. I was afraid she was more into the perceived lifestyle that came with that than actually who I was.

My mum left me when I was three, a factor in my insecurities with Anne. The therapy was a turning point: it became clear we had different motives for going. I was trying to get better for Anne, for the relationship, whereas hers seemed to be about becoming stronger, to let go of any baggage. When she ended it I was really disappointed; I felt all my work had been wasted. Strangely things felt better when I saw Anne with someone else. I felt liberated: it was definitely over. I just decided to look after myself and move on. Now it's fine with us.

Her story: Anne-Kathrin Oelmann, 26, is from Germany. She is a former banker and co-founder of Rotkäppchen. She is currently in a relationship.

My relationship with Ian was an intense battle from the start. He's a sensitive person both in a tender sense and an insecure way. From early on it became clear he didn't think he was good enough for me. I had to constantly reassure him he was. I took it on because I was really into him.

I fell in love with Ian very quickly. I was drawn to his poetic side. He's a great songwriter and has a really perceptive eye for small beautiful things. But it wasn't too long until his insecurity surfaced. He had problems expressing his feelings and was quick to get jealous with a kind of, "I'm-not-good-enough" mindset. I felt this strong urge to help him and pull him out of himself. It was hugely frustrating because I started feeling bad about myself.

We looked around for counselling and ended up seeing a friend separately who offered a mix of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. It soon became clear it wasn't going to work with Ian. I recognised what a huge adjustment I had made to make room for his deep-seated issues. Despite that, I still felt terribly guilty I couldn't make him happy.

There wasn't a clear full stop to the relationship. It was a subtle fade-out. I was cool about him seeing someone else; I was anxious for a new chapter to start for us. I love him now like a brother. - The Observer

"Levi's Craftwork - Annie O"

Annie O Drummer

Annie has dramatically reinvented herself from an investment banker to a musician. She is currently perfecting her transformation by drumming in two bands: ‘Rotkäppchen’ (which translates into ‘Red Riding Hood’) and ‘Remake. Remodel’.

She travelled from her native Germany to London, where her passion for music eventually took over and has since revolutionised her career.

Annie takes her inspiration from the energy and creativity surrounding her and idolises the electric performances by her favourite band, Soulwax. She loves nothing more than mixing live drums, synthesisers, keyboards while blending with a live DJ cross over.

Annie O is an extra-ordinary, slightly eccentric, self taught musician who’s enthusiasm and talent in her craft has undoubtedly set her up for greatness.

“It’s the people around me who make me happy. Nothing comes close to creating a rhythm that makes people dance – that’s when I’m in my element” - Levis


My friend Charlie recently told me about Rotkäppchen a German/English electro duo based in London. They mostly play live electronic music but also produce their own music. They have started with D3mo a free-to-download 3-track album that shows their taste for pure electro music. You can also listen to their entire mixes here. Enjoy


Rotkäppchen - Your Way

Rotkäppchen - She Does

Rotkäppchen - Someone Else - Mozart and Pollux

"Rotkäppchen - Someone Else (Fat and Ugly Remix)"

Our red-hooded friends Rotkäppchen sent me this remix of one of their productions. It's by German Gottingen-based DJ Fat & Ugly. Probably not suited for a calm morning but more than does the work to get you banging on the dance floor. Make sure you catch them if you are in London! Enjoy


Rotkäppchen - Someone Else (Fat and Ugly Remix) (via SoundCloud) - Mozart and Pollux


Latest songs:

Your Way
She Does
Someone Else
Someone Else (Fat and Ugly Remix)


The Whip - Fire
Kelis - Milkshake vs. Crookers - Love to Edit (Rotkäppchen Dub)



Rotkäppchen combine laptop, synths and several technical devices with live drums (played by Annie) to create non-stop danceable bassy electro sets. They play their own songs as well as remixed mash-ups of popular samples – making them a mixture of live band and live DJs.

As their name means ‘little red riding hood’ in German, they’re known for wearing red capes on stage which has become their trademark.

Rotkäppchen are based in London, with their home ground being the East London electro scene. They’ve played with some great acts such as Vitalic, Drums of Death, Ladyhawke, Sharooz, Soho Dolls, Lovely Jonjo, Dolby Anol to name a few and have played international gigs in Berlin, Paris and Hamburg.

Whenever live drums are not possible or desired, Rotkäppchen are also DJing the latest bassy bouncy bleepy electro - the latest mixtape can be found here:

Videos of their live performance: and