London, England, GBR

What would you get if you crossed Soulwax, Kraftwerk, The Whip and The White Stripes? Well, their offspring might look something like Rotkäppchen, a magical English/German two-piece who play live electronic music and look like they’ve stepped straight out of a fairy tale.


Rotkäppchen combine laptop, synths and several technical devices with live drums (played by Annie) to create non-stop danceable bassy electro sets. They play their own songs as well as remixed mash-ups of popular samples – making them a mixture of live band and live DJs.

As their name means ‘little red riding hood’ in German, they’re known for wearing red capes on stage which has become their trademark.

Rotkäppchen are based in London, with their home ground being the East London electro scene. They’ve played with some great acts such as Vitalic, Drums of Death, Ladyhawke, Sharooz, Soho Dolls, Lovely Jonjo, Dolby Anol to name a few and have played international gigs in Berlin, Paris and Hamburg.

Whenever live drums are not possible or desired, Rotkäppchen are also DJing the latest bassy bouncy bleepy electro - the latest mixtape can be found here:

Videos of their live performance: and


Latest songs:

Your Way
She Does
Someone Else
Someone Else (Fat and Ugly Remix)


The Whip - Fire
Kelis - Milkshake vs. Crookers - Love to Edit (Rotkäppchen Dub)

Set List

Our usual set is about 35 min long.

Intro (5 min)
Your Way (5 min)
Mash-up of remixed samples (10 min)
She Does (5 min)
Mash-up of remixed samples (10 min)