Based in Arlington Virginia, ROTOSCOPE is five people--John Athayde (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Laptop); Courtney Totushek (Lead vocals, Guitar, Keyboards); Dave McGregor (Drums and Percussion); Brian Frederick (Bass, Programming) and Eduardo Rios (Guitar). ROTOSCOPE is the result of what happens when two local bands share the same vision--and personnel--the merger was inevitable, but the result was the best of both worlds. The name, which references a technical process in digital video and film industries, accurately represents the band's vision for their music - to fuse creativity with the latest technology to create an energetic and inspiring musical experience. Although they've often been described as a female fronted Coldplay, ROTOSCOPE could actually be classified, (if it were ever necessary) as an experimental or innovative dual-fronted alternative band. With a mix of influences from U2, TRAVIS, JEFF BUCKLEY, VAST, and K's CHOICE, the music of ROTOSCOPE is an addicting combination of lush synth soundscapes, ethereal guitars and a vocal performance that is both sultry and brilliant built upon a powerful and unremorseful rhythm section. Their infectious melodies and biting rhythms hit directly between the eyes and demonstrate a rare and exciting chemistry that has resulted in an ever-expanding fan base with an insatiable appetite. While their song "Drive" has received considerable airplay in Richmond, the band is set to release their first single, "All That's Left" in late spring 2004. An extensive performance schedule for this summer is also in the works, combined with more time in the studio (with Ted Comerford - Melbourne, Lucky Town, Juniper Lane, Virginia Coaltion) to complete an EP scheduled for release in late 2005.


"All That's Left/Watershed" Single released May 2004. Airplay on DC101, Washington DC; 106.7 WJFK, Fairfax, VA; 102.1 the X, Richmond, VA; 103.1 WUAG, Greensboro, NC; WGTB, Washington, DC; TotalRock, London, UK.

Set List

Sets vary from 45 - 60 min opening slots to 2 - 3 hour headlining slots. We usually do about 1/3 cover material in longer shows. We pretty much always play "Under the Milky Way" by the Church. Here is a list of recent songs that have been performed (cover material wise):

"Not an Addict" - K's Choice
"Until The End of the World" - U2
"Tomorrow" - James
"Under the Milky Way" - The Church
"Mr. Brownstone" - Guns N Roses