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Spirit Lake, Idaho, United States | MAJOR

Spirit Lake, Idaho, United States | MAJOR
Band Rock Gothic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"11/20/07 Out of Time review from USA"

Rott - “Out of Time”
Posted November 20th, 2007 by Michael Sutton
Categories: Mike Sutton, The Foundry (Metal), Music

Reviewed by Sabrina Tinsay; Edited by Michael Sutton

In the newly released album, Out of Time, Rott is indeed a band to be listened to twice, thrice, and more. In the song “Tortured Souls,” one can sense the narrative feel in the lyrics, which allows any compelled listener to dig deeper into the song. The tracks “Look Around”and “Brightest Star” are melodic with meaningful lyrics, which would compel any listener to sing along. Rott stirs up the idea of existence and the true emotions of the heart in their song “Eternal.” Even more important, “we’re only here for a little while,” why not listen to the unforgettable metal rock band Rott?

Official Website: - Shotgun Reviews USA

"5/19/2008 Review from Uruguay"

Desde Idaho, Estados Unidos, llega Rott, una banda formada en el año 2001 por la vocalista Molly Sirenne. Influenciados principalmente por el Gothic, su nuevo álbum “Out Of Time”, editado de manera independiente, ofrece once temas que incluyen atmósferas oscuras creadas por los teclados de Carrie McNutt mientras el guitarrista Dan Profitt aporta un lado más Grunge a la banda mediante riffs al estilo de bandas como Alice In Chains, Hole, entre otras.
El álbum recorre momentos melancólicos (”Mysteries (Angels)”), atmósferas que recuerdan a bandas como Tool (”Afterlife”), pasajes experimentales (”Crying Inside”) e incluso algún tema ganchero (”Brightest Star”), donde se destaca la voz de Molly, quien a través de sus letras emotivas logra demostrar que es una muy buena vocalista.
“Out Of Time” es un álbum que requiere de varias escuchas, ya que en una primera instancia puede tornarse algo denso, pero es realmente disfrutable al tomarle el gusto.
Para más info de la banda:

Jorge Patacas. - Rise! Metal E-Zine

"3/30/2008 Review from Canada"

Rott - Idaho, Usa - Gothic
This is actually a first as this is the first occasion the band sends me their whole album BEFORE I review them.  Very professional, and a highlight for me is how they walk that fine line of seduction in Music.
- Aaron MySpace Reviews

"6/23/2008 Review from Femme Metal UK"

I am not too familiar with many bands that come from the state of Idaho - none actually. That is until now. The band Rott hail from Spirit Lake, Idaho as a matter of fact. The music of Rott - for me - is hard to classify. They have been described as a mix of metal, rock and gothic, but maybe it should be up to the listener to decide for themselves about in which genre Rott's music lies. The band line-up includes: Molly Sirenne (vocals), Dan Profitt (guitars), Carrie McNutt (piano/keyboards), Aaron Birdsall (bass) and Michael McGill (drums). They have just released their debut album Out Of Time.

'Look Around' gets things started off with a nice piano intro as the vocals of Molly come in. This song starts off slow, before gaining some speed and heaviness around the first chorus. This is a moody number that one wouldn't think off as a typical opener, but it does a great job in setting the scene for what is to follow. Next up is 'Afterlife'. Another solid track that really keeps the tempo going in the right direction. This features a great riff by Dan Profitt and more stellar vocal work. With the third track 'Mysteries (Angels)', things really take off. I would have to say that this is my favorite song on this CD. It starts off slow with Molly's vocals coming in with a whisper, before she is joined by a heavy, doomy sounding riff. The next track 'Eternal' is another solid number with some excellent lyrics. It starts off with another nice piano passage and evolves into a dreamy number before a monstrous guitar riff comes in. At almost 7 minutes long, this is the longest song and there are some great changes here as it goes from soft to heavy and back again. This song has quickly become another favorite of mine. Next up is 'Clearly Blind' which is just 3 minutes of heaviness with a wicked melody. 'Brightest Star' is more of a mid-tempo track that is a bit of a change of pace, but keeps things going smoothly. 'Crying Inside' starts off softly, before the silence is smashed with another crushingly heavy riff. Other highlights include: 'Tortured Souls', 'Drowning', 'Just Like You' and the title song 'Out Of Time', which ends things nicely. The vocals of Molly Sirenne are as unique as they are haunting and beautiful. Her voice is the perfect compliment to the ethereal soundscapes the music creates.

Rott are a band that have plenty to offer. Out Of Time features 11-songs and 46-minutes worth of good songs, excellent songwriting and top notch performances. The overall package is quite impressive and well done. Rott are a band that can go a long way.

The music on Out Of Time speaks volumes about Rott's potential. Whether or not they put Idaho on the metal map remains to be seen, but I do know that Rott appear poised to carve their own niche in the metal world, and judging by the music eminating from this CD, they are off to a good start.

Rating: 7.5/10
- Tony Cannella

"6/17/2008 Interview-Metal Queens USA"

Rare Interview from Metal Queens
MQ: Where did the name Rott come from? What's the story behind that?

Molly: When we were thinking of a name for the band, we kicked around a few ideas looking for something that sounded kinda cool, but was heavy too. Rott sounded like something that was decaying and it was short. Also, we can say Rott on, instead of rock on or right on. Besides, my favorite breed of dogs is Rottweilers and I have a beautiful female as our mascot. There is a hidden meaning to it as well, an acronym for what the letters stand for.

MQ: How do you set yourselves apart from all the other female bands in your genre?

Rott: I am going to let Carrie Anne answer part of this. (Carrie Anne) Well I don’t really think the gender matters, to me it’s about the music and I would much rather people notice that, at least that is how I look at it as an artist. As far as setting apart from other bands I think if you listen carefully and hear the deeper meaning in the music then I think that is where most of the difference comes from. (Molly) It is not something deliberate as much as the various influences that blend together from artists I admire and listen to. I am from Seattle originally and growing up there I was impacted by Heart among others from an early age.

MQ: Do you think your style on stage is important to performances and appearances?

Molly: Of course, absolutely! Stage presentation is very important. It’s all about entertainment after all. Much like going to a play, watching a movie, or an athletic event. Except with music it can be even more emotional. The energy from the band and back from the crowd creates an atmosphere that is surreal at times. When you go to an event where the intensity is there and are spending your hard earned cash, you want to be transported to that alternate musical universe, or reality. You want to experience something that is magical and unique.

MQ: So ‘Out of Time’ was just released online and in stores on May 27th, how is that doing? It is flying off the shelves?

Molly: Our fans never cease to amaze us with their kindness and support. Sales are very strong thanks to Ravenheart Music in the UK promoting us and with our label Renaissance Records behind us. The album was independently released prior to May 27th and since then everything has been overwhelmingly positive. I am so grateful to everyone. The media has been very supportive as well, with interviews, airplay, contests and reviews. What we are planning to really generate excitement is gain some additional sponsorship and partner up with our label mates for an upcoming tour. Once you see us in your hometown there is no stopping the momentum.

MQ: What was your reaction upon finding out about the record contract?

Molly: Well you know when you see people on shows like ‘American Idol’ freak out when they get the chance to go to the next round? Well it is nothing like that, is euphoric a strong enough adjective? The day I found out is still vivid and always will be. Of course I was trying to figure out how to get the snow off my roof that day in a snowstorm but seriously, to be given the affirmation that our talent is recognized and dreams becoming reality is such a warm fuzzy. It’s like being given the tools to get the job done. I’ve been trying to fix this leaking pipe with a spoon and you just came by and gave me a wrench =)

MQ: Do you feel like you were having the "making it big moment"?

Molly: The definition of “making it big” always changes. Yes I did feel like that for sure, I would be lying if I said otherwise. I am truly happy, grateful and humbled by the whole deal really. To have Renaissance Records and John Edwards as my new boss and see the label logo on the CD is constantly making me smile. Yet, I’ll truly feel like we’ve accomplished our goal when the masses can have easy access to more than just the usual genres that are currently popular in the USA. It is the determination of not only the artists but also people like you Jess bringing more attention to this genre that has me really excited. Metal, Goth, Club, Industrial, Symphonic and Ska are just a sample teaser of what I would love to see commercially successful. Can you imagine what a happy place it would be if our genre had their own awards shows? I can.

MQ: On the homepage of the website, what is the meaning behind the dog with the cross in it's mouth?

Molly: Well, it would be fun to say it actually is a symbol I saw displayed in a crop circle near Stonehenge, or ancient hieroglyphics from the pyramids but I will be serious. This is a very good question! No one has ever asked us this before. It is symbolic for life, rebirth from death and how music can help reach people in ways many other things cannot. Satanism has nothing to do with it and I will leave it at that.

MQ: Do you find being from the United States that the fans are different in North America then in Europe?

Molly: American fans are hungry for this style and genre of music. Some of them just don’t know it yet. They are searching for something different and when they do find it are ecstatic, at least the ones I have come across anyway. They just know they’re tired of all the white bread, commercially pre-packaged boy/girl band crap. Europeans have quite an advantage. They had Nightwish fed to them in their baby bottles it seems and they’ve stayed loyal. I remember when I saw a Wind-Up Records ad for Fallen from Evanescence on TV. I literally started bawling I was so happy. I didn’t even know other bands were out there with the same agenda of non-conformity and being positive. And this one was succeeding big time.

MQ: Molly - How did you first know that you wanted to sing?

Molly: Isn’t singing like breathing? Even if you are not sure whether you are good its like one of the first things you do when you’re happy, sad, bored, playful, ect. As a kid I remember my mom being amazed I could remember all the lyrics to songs on the radio. I never lost that love and it just blossomed from there.

MQ: Dan - How does it feel working with these talented women?

Dan: To be in the same room with Molly and Carrie Anne gives me goosebumps actually. Their talent is mind-blowing. When we play together I really have to focus – a lot! It feels like an enormous power you are next to and I am not talking Marshall stacks. I guess it is magical in a way, kind of like supernatural stuff. It really is hard to describe in words. I know when we play people are overwhelmed by whatever energy is behind it. I would best describe it as love but in a way that gives and radiates outward.

MQ: Do you find that the band has an advantage or disadvantage being only 3 members?

Molly: Definitely an advantage. Three strong personalities are just the right amount. Not to say we wouldn’t welcome other “family members” in at some point. We consider ourselves a family and are very close. If the talent and compatibility were there, I would consider it. For the moment, work for hire has been great! We also have some very talented close friends who will be filling in spots on the tour.

MQ: How do you deal with all the attention from fans from all over the world?

Molly: I am actually very honored and humbled by it. Our fans continue to amaze me every day. I read the letters and emails and put the gifts and things up they give me and feel very blessed. I guess I deal with it by knowing that I am helping make a difference to someone as others did for me. Sometimes I think, “gosh is this for real?” Well it is and I want to thank everyone reading this from the bottom of my heart. All my love.

Carrie Anne: Ditto to what Molly said, it doesn’t quite seem real. As with anybody putting out a product into the world, it’s just really nice to have the positive feedback to know that people enjoy this music that we have put all of our time and effort into. Having the fans there to support us, really just makes us want to work harder and give more back to them.
Renée Gschaid - Metal Queens (Jun 17, 2008)
- Renée Gschaid

"9/25/07 Out of Time review from France"

ROTT " out of time "
metal goth bluesy
Auto produit

Héhé , enfin le premier album de Rott !!! Que de chemin parcouru depuis le mncd , wahouuuu!!! en effet , la prod est ce coup ci à la hauteur des exigences , le son est clair lour puissant , les mélodies , bien pensées , j'apprecie le petit coté "folk-bluesy" present sur cet album ...
Dès l'arpège de " look around " on est pris dans un univers prégnant et très personnel , tandis que la loudeur et le coté claustrophobe d'"afterlife" n'en finit pas de nous ecraser , quel plaisir , il est clair le que les instruments de Dan et Aaron ( héhé ," Crying inside" par exemple )son ici à la fète ...La voix de Molly , possède énormément plus d'assurance c'est vraiment un regal pour les tympans , là je suis conquis cf " mysteries( Angel) ", et là , je me surprend à avoir une furieuse envie d'écouter , tout ce travail en live , car toujours ces arpeges lancinants , nostalgiques , mélés à cette voix si personnelle de Molly Sirenne ( un présage , peut etre!!!) , assènent un bien singuliere ambiance à l'écoute de CD ...
Bon et la cerise sur le gateau , j'y viens , on se calme , et hop comme ça sans crier gare , une nouvelle version de " tortured souls", si ça ce n'est pas une bonne nouvelle , pour votre serviteur , j'en suis ravi , la classe totale !!!et hop aussi le petit passe au theremin sur sur le très rock "drowning" ou le morceau final , le très lourd "out of time", non mais ROTT , vous me cherchez ou quoi !!!!
En tout cas c'est gagné , bon j'en prends pour dix écoutes minimum , c'est on ne peut plus sur ...
En conclusion , je pourrais et , je le fait , dire que les onze morceau m'ont enchantés , ce ne sera peut etre pas le cas de tout le monde , mais mon camp est choisi ...
OUI IL EST CLAIR QUE J'AI SUCCOMBE A L'APPEL DES SIRENES ( bon ça y est le j'ai faite celle là , ne vous plaignez pas de ne pas m'avoir vu venir !!!) , ET J'Y REPLONGE DE CE PAS .....

"9/29/07 Out of Time review from UK"

Based in Idaho are new comers ROTT who cast a charm of influences that focus on the heavy end of the hard rock/metal spectrum. Bands like Lacuna Coil, Lullacry, Tool and even Metallica come to mind with the bands music which can be thrashy, gritty, experimental but always rocking thanks to singer Molly Sirenne’s diverse vocal range.

Their new album ‘Out of Time’ features eleven superb songs that start with ‘Look Around’. The song builds into a solid moody metal track, not doom metal, just a melodic metal song along the lines of say the heavier side of Tura Satana and Phantom Blue mixed with the gothical influences of a heavier Leave’s Eyes or Imperia, good start.

‘Afterlife’ creates a nice gothic mood making me think of Tool whereas ‘Mysteries (Angels)’ has a spooky musical theme, I really enjoyed Molly’s vocals on this one which create an almost eerie atmosphere, this is great song, almost in the Tristania vein.

‘Eternal’ is another of my favourite songs and is one of the albums longest tracks. It’s almost a jam session and there are some great influences running through the song, which is melodic with, a heavy kick in it’s tail. ‘Clearly Blind’ sees our heroine singing in a higher range, a good catchy song, again makes me think of bands like Tura Satana and Kittie.

‘Brightest Star’ has more of a radio friendly commercial appeal and is the obvious track to take to the radio station; it’s almost Glam in character. Next up is ‘Tortured Souls’ a doomy and melodic tune that is sometimes a little punky as the song builds, makes me think a little of a heavier Blondie meets Babes in Toyland.

‘Crying inside’ is built around spooky keyboards, again a gothical theme to start with before the guitars burst into action allowing the song to breathe out many different musical stags, another experimental ditty and quite a sexy song. Up next is the excellent ‘Drowning’ I loved from the moment I heard, its superb and totally rocks with great gritty vocals from our heroine Molly. Mid way through the song Molly tries something different which sounds like she is singing through a CB mike, and judging my the police sirens in the background the is a bit of a throwaway misfit song, it’s great and I love it.

‘Just Like You’ makes me think of Damsel Fly and Lacauna Coil and is very catchy and another favourite song of mine is the last track ‘Out of Time’. This one is a chunky solid catchy in your face rocker; I love the texture in Molly’s vocals coupled with Dan Profitt’s guitar work this song is a winner, as is the album as a whole.

‘Out Of Time’ takes several spins to get into but once it lulls you in there’s no escape. As a debut album the production is petty good and the songs performed well, the band are testing the waters with this album and I think they will hit soon hit their stride come the second album.

Check Rott out at and

Nicky Baldrian
Fireworks Magazine UK
- Fireworks Magazine UK

"4/11/2009 Rott Brings Bite with new International Recording Contract"

Spirit Lake, Idaho (Billboard Publicity Wire) April 11, 2009 -- Female fronted Idaho Gothic Rock band Rott has landed a new International recording and distribution contract with UK label Ravenheart Music Records. Their album Out of Time will be released April 29, 2009 and fans can pre-order the album in the UK and Europe immediately through Ravenheart Music Records.

International release will follow by distribution in the UK through Plastic Head and Code 7 Distribution and in the USA with Cauldron Soundwerx located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Out of Time was released independently in September 2007, and commercially in May 2008 by USA label Renaissance Records.

Rott has gathered critical acclaim in Europe, Canada, South America and the United States.

The band was featured in the United Kingdom's melodic rock magazine Fireworks, Mattey Magazine in Venezuela, Metal Maidens in the Netherlands and Fresh Magazine in Greece and has an upcoming track for a movie soundtrack which began filming in April.

Their latest release has been steadily moving up the charts and gaining ground worldwide with positive reviews.

Managed by Ravenheart Music in the UK, a leader in promoting female fronted music, the recognition from the fans and the media was almost immediate.

Now with the support of Ravenheart Music Records, fans will be able to have much greater access to the latest offering from the band, which originally hails from Spirit Lake, Idaho.

In a recent interview in the UK when asked about the new album, singer Molly Sirenne said, "The reaction from the fans has been unexpectedly overwhelming! I can truly say I am humbled and grateful… "Everything has been positive, positive, positive."

The bands music has been described as an influence of several artists. As Dave Smith from Ravenheart Music summarizes, "the music Rott play I suppose is similar to Lacuna Coil, Tool, Alice In Chains and Evanescence."

To pre-order the new hit album contact Ravenheart Music at

For more information on Rott visit them at or

# # # - Billboard Publicity Wire

"8/11/2008 Review from Metal Maidens Netherlands"

ROTT-Out Of Time (Ravenheart Music)

ROTT (not to be confused to the glamrockers of RATT!!) is a band from the northern part of Idaho, USA and their latest CD is called “Out Of Time”. Their name already sounds as black as the night and their sound isn’t quite happy either. It could make you happy though, if you like the dark and sometimes depressing sound of A PERFECT CIRCLE, TOOL or maybe even the later sound of L7. Low tuned, riffing guitars, gothic whispering vocals by a female singer, called Molly Sirenne and dark drum and bass beats are the main ingredients on this eleven song album. “Mysteries (Angels)” even contains some BLACK SABBATH influences. And a song like “Eternal” reminds me of the sound by EARTH AND FIRE (from Holland) and JEFFERSON AIRPLANE. While “Brightest Star” sounds a bit like the ROSE TATTOO classic “Stuck On You”, only with a more gothic approach. I know, that’s hard to believe, but check out these two songs back to back, and you’ll know what I mean. You’ll see, there’s a lot more to ROTT than just being another gothic metal band on the block. Besides Molly, the band consists of Dan Profitt on guitars, Carrie McNutt on piano and keyboards, Aaron Birdsall on bass and Michael ‘Mikeee’ McGill on drums. The riffs on “Drowning” are again very BLACK SABBATH influenced, but in general this song is very dreamy, which is a strange combination. The distorted vocals are something, that you wouldn’t really expect at all. That’s the unexpected in ROTT. Other magazines might say, that the band is still searching for a steady musical direction. We would like to explain it as a variety in styles. “Just Like You” has got those mighty, heavy riffs again and the CD closes with the title track “Out Of Time”. If you fancy something else than the average gothic metal band, then I suggest to have a listen to ROTT. Website: [7 points] (Toine van Poorten)
Toine van Poorten - Metal Maidens Netherlands (Aug 11, 2008)
- Toine van Poorten

"Rott tapped to Open 2009 Flight of the Valkyries Metal Fest"

Near-Death Mishap Knocks Blood Corps Out of Line-Up: Idaho's Goth-Metal Band Rott Tapped To Open Metal Fest

Idaho's Melodic Goth-Metal Band Rott tapped to Open 2009 Flight of the Valkyries Metal Fest when Blood Corps, an up-and-coming band from Virginia, experienced a brush with death.

St. Paul, Minnesota (Billboard Publicity Wire) June 4, 2009 -- Flight of the Valkyries, America's premiere female-fronted metal fest - the first of its kind in the U.S. - was forced to make a last-minute change when Blood Corps, an up-and-coming band from Virginia, experienced a brush with death.

According to festival co-founder Bobbie Jeans Dickerson, Blood Corps was on their way to do some promotion out of town when their bass player's car caught fire on the highway. They managed to pull the car over and everyone scrambled out before the car was engulfed in flames. But the experience left the band shaken and in dire financial straits. (For more info on Blood Corps' harrowing experience, see the band's latest MySpace blog.)

"Our hearts go out to Blood Corps," said Dickerson. "We absolutely understand why they aren't able to be the opening act in the 2009 FLIGHT OF THE VALKYRIES (FotV) festival. There are no hard feelings. In fact, Nina Osegueda, Blood Corps' vocalist, still plans to attend. We're working out the details for a special performance with her as part of this year's events."

According to Dickerson, fans will be thrilled with Blood Corps' replacement: Rott of Spirit Lake, Idaho. (;
Rott masterfully combines powerful, haunting vocals and melodic harmonies - with gothic undertones, crunchy guitars, and thought-provoking lyrics - to create a magical sound all their own. Signed to UK label Ravenheart Music Records, Rott draws influences from bands like Lacuna Coil, Tool, Alice in Chains, Evanescence, Within Temptation and Otep as well as old-school speed-metal bands.

"This band makes my blood run cold in an awesome way!" said Dickerson. "I'm excited to see them perform on our stage and kick off this year's festival in true Flight of the Valkyries fashion. Fans are going to love these guys."

Dickerson thanks Rott and their management at Ravenheart Music for working to fill this important role on such short notice.

Rott joins (in order of appearance) Kaptivating Kate, Sirens of Titan, A.D.D, Hydrogyn, Todesbonden, Luna Mortis, and headliner Benedictum at this year's FotV festival, the third annual installment of this fast-growing metal fest.

Tickets for the 2009 Flight of the Valkyries festival are on sale now. Ticket prices are $15 in advance and $20 on the day of show, Saturday, June 27th. Doors open at 3:00 pm. The show is 16+.

Tickets for the Flight of the Valkyries festival can be purchased here: http://swordlordproductions.indietic...tomer/home.php

FotV has welcomed many female-fronted metal bands that have toured extensively abroad but haven't had a chance to showcase their talents Stateside, bands that include both well-known and up-and-coming female-fronted bands such as Doro, Shadowside, Vainglory, and Dendura.

FotV is the first annual music festival of its kind in the US devoted to metal bands with female lead vocalists. The festival, which debuted in 2007, showcases all metal sub-genres with the only common denominator (and festival requirement) being that a female vocalist must front the band.

Fans are encouraged to visit The Official FotV forum on to keep abreast of all the latest FotV festival news.

For more information on the Flight of the Valkyries festival, please visit the festival's web site at or MySpace at

For more information on SwordLord Productions, promoter and co-founder of FotV, visit

# # # - Billboard Publicity Wire


Bring Me the Flame [Single] 2009
Out Of Time [LP] 2007
Afterlife [Single] 2007
Beautiful Friend [Asia IRL Music] 2004
Rott [EP] 2002



Rott on! The story begins. Rott came about after singer Molly Sirenne brings over her huge Rottweiler and belts out some Shirley Manson tune over the PA. The rest of the band is stunned. Not just because her Rottweiler Alika is chewing on the Vic Firth 5B's but something else. This chick can really sing. "Put those Tool lyrics down a second and lets jam some Otep." And so it continued...

Now with a movie soundtrack single on iTunes and on a major label, Rott is poised to gain even more ground. A new CD release with their new vocalist is being slated for Summer 2010. Stay tuned... ^^

Rott entered the studio in April 2007 and released the single “Afterlife” June 1, 2007 which appears on their new release “Out of Time”. “Afterlife” was an immediate hit for fans starving for new material from the group which hails from Spirit Lake, Idaho where they formed in May 2001. The single was picked up immediately on Internet radio station and an interview with founding member Dan Profitt on mainstream rock station Rock 94 ½ in Spokane, Washington followed on June 8th.

This is not the first time the band has received such amazing support from media and fans alike. “I am grateful to have such a positive response from fans,” said guitarist Dan Profitt, “It's an honor.”

Thanks to the overwhelming response from European fans after their 2002 debut CD received airplay in Greece, Rott then became noticed in major webzines Born to Die’zine in Poland, Temple of Metal in Greece, in France and even received attention in Argentina from webzine

Since that time, Rott has developed a following in Europe, South America, Mexico, Australia, Asia and the United States.

Some of the bands influences include Lacuna Coil, Tool, Alice in Chains, Evanescence, Within Temptation and Otep as well as old-school speed metal bands.