rotten rebels

rotten rebels

 Cork, Munster, IRL

new age pharaohs of music.


our music ? well you cant describe it !


my d-day

Written By: rotten rebels

many of us have fallen,but we dont go calling, for your help,we dont how.some of us are skin and bone,mud is our only throne,i look to the sky,i wish i could fly, Dont want to live this way, waiting for our d-day.feel like little souldiers,world upon our shoulders,they break us down,down to the ground,you should know the enemy,its you-you see, who turns a blind eye,and pass us by.Dont want to live this,waiting for our d-day.i just want to play away,and enjoy myself today,just wanta smile for a little while,they have total control,of my tiny little soul,to them its gold,but its my soul.Dont want to live this way,waiting for our d-ay.


we have released 6 songs to-date, and had 3 no1s on americian indie music showcase charts.

Set List

we dont do cover songs, our gigs last about 1- 2 hours we only do all our own songs, which at the moment is about 18.