Rotton Wisdom

Rotton Wisdom

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

What would you get if you cross deep lyricism, humerous rhymes, and beats ahead of their time? If you said, Rotton Wisdom you're on point! Think Kanye West and Hi-Tek mixed in one and you get the beats. Now put together some Eminem, a sprinkle of Pac, and a dose of Talib Kweli and you get the lyrics


Rotton Wisdom are Jared Jaimez (Wisdom) and Anthony Gill (Rotton), two unique Emcees from Austin, TX. They are a Hip Hop duo with a slight alternative sound and have a wide variety of influences that range from Sublime, Eminem, Nas, Mos Def, to Tupac Shakur. Rotton and Wisdom, who after becoming long time childhood friends started their own independent company, Gill Inc., which is actually an umbrella of Rotton’s label, Rotton Records and Wisdom’s label, Dope Rhyme Records in 2008. After attempted solo acts, the two started making music together. Over a span of 5 years, the two have put out Mixtapes, EP’s, and their 1st Self-Produced LP “The Balance” in December of 2009 available via iTunes. The group and the name itself creates a balance as “Rotton” represents the dark , witty, and or rotten side of human nature and “Wisdom” represents the light, knowledge, and good side of human nature. The two have done multiple shows spanning from Austin, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi, TX. Back in 2009, these two energetic emcees experienced a true highlight in their young careers and actually won a Battle of The Bands competition without even having a band, just a DJ! The two emcees recently just dropped their Single “Wild Style” this year along with the official music video and our currently finishing their next Mixtape “Raw Talent” set to drop this summer. The Mixtape is a prelude to the group’s next Album, “And Then There Were Two” dropping at the end of this year. The two emcees main focus is to bring back a piece of Hip Hop that’s been sorely lacking for years and that’s bringing true lyricism back to the forefront of the culture. Between fatherhood and life itself, balancing time with what they love, Hip Hop is a true challenge, but a task they have boldly taken on.


Wild Style

Written By: Anthony Gill & Jared Jaimez


With all the Williams in the NBA, none of em HYPE!!
I need direction for my session make the video Tight!
Impairing never my vision, I got no ending in sight
Perfection is my weapon, and I'm making it right/
Annihilating the mic/ you violating my rights/I'm calculating I might
Spit some fire like a flame thrower games over, lame culture I could name some vultures/
Vocal chords I'm focused like crane vs. the lotus I'm imposing my heroics/
I've been chosen, I'm atroscious, sway in motion, stay ferocious never partin' like Moses/
But maybe splittin your wig, while I'm huffin a cig but never mind mother&%$#@ this my Wild Style Kid!!


My style be the wildest, the FCC look at me and tell me they can't allow this/
Album to be produced because it's immature and childish/
You can't talk about all the things you probe a cow with/
But never the less I'm forever the best, don't you ever suggest that I should be more like the rest/
I'm a real rapper for crying out loud, my style will leave you looking clowned, bowing down, tapping out on the ground with a frown
Cause I'm wicked when I flip I'll tell you where you can stick it/
Your style is more generic than phone you get from cricket
Just adimit it you will deed need to quit it or get ripped apart like when I receive a ticket/ I'm such misfit in this business I don't need a witness to admit it!


"The Balance", 2009

"Wild Style" Single, 2012