Rouge Tigre

Rouge Tigre

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

*Rouge Tigre* is a Montreal based two piece band, one guy on guitars/vocals and one lady on the drums.
A catchy, good quality and honest rock n roll.


*Rouge Tigre* is a two piece band, hosting Cecile Roland on drums and Jose Salvador on vocals and guitars.

Melodic but yet powerful guitar riffs, matching the low vocals, talking about love and sex, sex and love, the basic instincts, supported by thunder like drums!

Based in Montreal, QC, the band recorded their first EP on October, 2012 at "The Terrace Studios", successfully printing the band's sound at it's best.


Rouge Tigre is

Jose Salvador on Guitars and Vocals
Cécile Rolland on Drums

All songs recorded and mixed at “The Terrace Studios” by Dylan Davies and Ben Sanchez
October 2012.

Remember, you’re not the only one looking at this kit!!!!!