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Speed of Sound

Written By: Roughdraft

Can you tell me why,
I never thought I'd get to do this?
I can’t even describe,
the feelings that I get when I'm rockin' to it.
It’s getting me so high.
I never thought I’d ever get through it.
Feeling so right when I listen to it,
and we're moving,
at the speed of sound (repeat)

It sounds like the sounds all around us again,
I wanna drown in that, let it surround my head.
When it comes to that moment in time,
I let the waves wash away what I hold in my mind.

I want the tide to shift, but only when I tell it to,
I'm telling you the current on the surface will envelop you.
Parallel with the swell held under your feet,
let's ride this wave, like we ride this beat.

Let it crash, let it break, let it roll, let it go,
as it actually takes control of the flow
I can't tell, can you tell me?
I can't tell, can you tell me?

(Repeat Chorus)

You're sound and safe, while we're safe in sounds,
we’ll bring around everything that we could take, or found
in this lake of doubt, is it fate or out
of context to suggest where we take this now?

It’s like the moon to my waves keeps bringing me back,
as soon as the phase can be looped and tracked.
But who's to say, what we do today,
won't change those waves and bring it right back?

Now let me drift and let me slip and let me go into the ocean;
Rolling slowly only knowing, holding on and only hoping,
that the message in this bottle will find someone,
and when they hear it, they'll wonder where it comes from.

Because when I close my eyes,
music blows my mind.
I hope these bass lines, are always felt by me.
I'll do whatever it takes, I live for these breaks,
the snares and shakes, and what they spell for me.

(Repeat Chorus)