We kept everything in mind that we could about how rock n roll was played back when we thought it to be great and Rouletta has taken this knowledge and created a sound that everyone new and old will appreciate.


We play Rock n' Roll, and this is how it ought to sound. Rouletta's Danny Song may have found the simplest way to describe his intricate, flashy guitarplay. Rouletta plays dead on, that's plain and true. They're not trying to reinvent the wheel, they just want their turn to drive it hard. Steering it all below the Mason-Dixon, this inspired sextet hailing from Atlanta, Georgia proudly continues The South's fine musical heritage. Rouletta's unique, yet instantly familiar sound reflects their love of such mainstays as Petty, Mellencamp, and other artists who have forever changed the experience of being young... American, unapologetically free, with abandon and spirit. Singer Chase Schell belts out powerful vocals with a smoothness that seems almost effortless, immediately distinct and definitely unforgettable. Whether on stage or through your speakers, their songs get you moving without fail, three and half minutes at a time, every time. Rouletta's kept it close to home these last two years, doing a damn fine job of crowd pleasing and bringing some much needed musicianship and soul to this generation. Now it's time to venture out, and show the rest of the world a good time, 'cuz that's what they do best.


Self Release 4-song EP

Set List

stories, i want more, knuckle up the boys, she shakes n' moans, bloom, ace in sleeve, shoulder you, outta love, stay. we've done covers (elvis, stones, 4 non blondes, but we always put a twist to them).