Round 4

Round 4

BandHip HopGospel

Christ is all. This music is dedicated to minestry. We aim to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We preach Christ Crucified and Risen for the redemtion of our sins. This is Holy HipHop.


We where a group of people God brought together five years ago. At the time none of us where trying to live for Christ. For three years we attempted to make music unsucessfully. In the summer of 2004 things changed and we got serious about living for Christ. Since then we have been in the lab. Over the past two years we have been doing minerstry at churches, talent shows, parking lots, and anywhere else that the Lord blesses us to be at.


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Set List

Typical set conists of six or seven tracks that take up about forty minutes. The set lasts two hours so the time left is filled with worship and preaching.