Round Black Ghosts

Round Black Ghosts


"Round Black Ghosts" is a reference to the pre-Depression era 78 records that influenced the music we call rock n' roll today. We try to embody that pure and simplistic aspect of music in our songs. Good riffs, harmonies, a strong melody, and most importantly, a meaning behind the lyrics.


Round Black Ghosts formed in Dec. of 2007 by musicians from a multitude of Pittsburgh bands (Waking Matthew, the Speeds, Hang the Radio). We completed our debut album, " Listen Loud", in June of '08. It reflects traces of many influences such as Neil Young, Black Rebel Motorcyle Club, Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, and Bright Eyes to name a few. The 1st track, "Going to Hell", sets a dark tone, but the overall message is a positive one. The theme is to look inward; to take control of your own destiny. The follow-up, "Line Up" (due out June '09), is more of a collective effort by the band. We can't wait for you to here it!


"LISTEN LOUD" (June 08) - "Hypochondriac", "Bookmark", and "Dead Man's Wardrobe" all recieved radio play on WYEP, Pittsburgh

Set List

Anything off of the 1st album supplimented by anything on the new album with the random cover here and there?