St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, CAN

Diverse, tight, versatile and dynamic. We live to play night and day, and fill the air with our weather.


Roundelay is an independent band from St. John’s Newfoundland Canada. The group consists of Joe tucker, Mike Lahey, Bradley Nichols, and Gerald Coleman. Originally formed out of high school, they were best buds that would spend their time listening to and writing music. Releasing three albums since 2004, Roundelay have gone on to become prominent figures on the St. John’s music scene. Roundelay’s sound has been coined as psychedelic progressive art-rock, a sound which has originated as a product of their large array of influences ranging from the mainstream to the truly artsy and bizarre. Notable bands such as the Mars Volta, Rage Against the Machine, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, and Cursive have influenced the band as a whole.


The first album Roundelay released was entitled “Riddled with Flaws” (2004), followed by “Subpar E.P.” (2006), both albums were critically acclaimed within the St. John’s music scene. “Riddled with Flaws” brought Roundelay their first award nomination for best alternative album at the 2005 Newfoundland Music awards.
Roundelay released their second full length album "Roundelay" in February 2009.

Set List

Sample 50 minute set list from July 23, 2010 gig w/ Over the Top:

Bragging Rights
"Now I Can Die A Happy Man"
Electric Interlude
Hula Whoop 2.0
Ordeal Or No Deal
Paper Hats
Epic Endemic

(We tend to tailor a set list for our audience and the bands we share the stage with, keeping the rooms energy in mind. The set will draw mostly upon material from our most recent album and new originals, along with select fan favorites from early releases).