Chicagp Punk at its Finest


Roundeye was born in February of 2004, the idea of 2 friends, Jeremy and Brettly, former members of a few local rock bands, who had a few songs each and the desire to make music again.

After a few make shift get togethers, Jeremy and Brettly realized that they were on to something and began to seek out a drummer. After several responses from drummers we felt jut did not fit the picture, we got a simple email from the D Town mad man Dave who was to be Roundeye`s Drummer

Within a couple of months of hard work and practice, Roundeye was born and playing shows throughout The Chicago area and beyond. Taking little time, Roundeye recorded their first works, a 5 song EP simply called Roundeye. 5 tracks which would get them selected to play at the 2005 Vans Warped Tour (many thanks to Kevin Lyman and the Warped Crew).

As all things change, as did Roundeye, and in 2006, the members of Roundeye had all found that they needed to go their seperate ways and pursue other interests. Jeremy, as most of us know got married a year ago, and well, you know what happens after that......., but, he`s actually a tattoo artist and on his way back to Boston with his wife Jenn to pursue a career as a tattoo artist.

Dave, well, Dave worked out A LOT and well is huge, and can probably kick just about anyone`s ass now a days. He Studies Martial Arts or works out just about every day from what we have all heard. He`s moving to Florida now, to take a new job, and move on from music, and that`s that.

Every one pursued other interests, except for Brettly. He just could not get the Roundeye buzz out of his head, and right at the perfect time, into the bar that Brettly works at walks Keith, who just came out and said, if you`re looking for a drummer, I`m the guy, and that he also has a friend who he thinks can fill the bass playing slot, Davide. And After a brief conversation, they trio met up for a couple rehearsals, and realized that the heart and soul of Roundeye was still beating strongly so Roundeye was reformed, with bassist Davide, and drummer Keith.

Having seen stages from the Vans Warped Tour, opening for the Adicts, playing venues in Chicago such as the Double Door, Beat Kitchen, Red Line Tap and many more, From The Temple Room in Lansing Michigan, all the way to The Abbey Lounge In Boston, Roundeye has forged their way forward within the ranks of the Chicago Music scene and far beyond, With performances and recordings that have earned them several favorable reviews, from favorable local press in the Chicago Reader, Illinois Entertainer, New City and others, to national press in Punk Planet and more, helping to make Roundeye one of the definitive must see Chicago bands.

We`ve been fortunate enough to play with several acts, much love and many thanks, to you the Adicts, The Bomb, 400 Blows, Dutch Pink (MI), Loomis (RIP), My Left Arm, The MagnaFux, Flatfoot 56, Secret Agent Bill, The Reptoids, The Vampire Lezbos, MOTO, Paper Bullets, The GraveTones, Red Villain, The Street Brats, Shot Baker, After the Fight, Highball, Deals Gone Bad, The Dirtbox Racers, The Saps, Outlaw Family Band, The Sleepers, The Romeros, The Rushmores, One Light Out, The Yates Kids (KENO CORE FUCKING RULES! Thanks for the love and hospitality), The Blissters, Mad Hornet After Hour (Corey, Shots at 12 noon before we`re supposed to go on stage is not smartest idea we`ve ever had, and thanks for the hangover), Not Elliot, Rocky Denis, Audiobon, Store Bought Rebels, Hemi, Johnny Rev, For All care, Bizzaro, SBB (RIP), and several others I am sure we forgot to mention, sorry we did forget.

Make No Mistake, this is not screemo, this is Punk! pure and simple. Punk, back to the basics, with no frills, no gimmicks, no games. These Three put the sex and style back in to punk. With Live performances like no other, filled with anger, angst, love, lust and sleaze, Roundeye will run you over like a steamroller, leaving you wondering what the fuck just hit you, making you want to get run over again and again.


5 track EP, 2004/2005
2007 Demos EP

Set List

Over And Again
Road Trip
Sleepy Song
16 Tons (Tenessee Ernie Ford)
Another Game
Favorite Son
Oh Henry
Her Blue Sky
The Weight (The Band)

Our usual sets can range from 35 - 60 minutes

Other Covers we have played
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
Caught With The Meat in Your Mouth - Dead Boys
Revolver - Mission of Burma
Entrapment - Naked Raygun
Telling Them - Social Distortion
20th Century Boy - T Rex
Fulsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
He Stopped Loving Her Today - George Jones