Round Mountain

Round Mountain

 Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Americana meets the neighbors. Sometimes raucous (imagine trumpet and accordion played simultaneously by one person), sometimes subtle (the harp-like sound of the West African kora), Round Mountain connects to their listeners' hearts with great songs, emotional honesty, and an engaging live show.


Blending dusty American grit with a worldly amalgam of global influences, Santa Fe-based duo Round Mountain presents a singular take on folk music that is both foreign and familiar. The multi-multi-instrumentalist band of brothers has travelled the globe absorbing bits and pieces of musical cultures, returning to filter them through their own sepia-toned Americana framework.

Char and Robby Rothschild have been crafting a sound that spans alt-folk and world genres since 2002. After years of immersion in global music, they began their work together, combining instruments and skills learned there with songs of longing and belonging, of nature, family and home. They strive to bring listeners to a place of musical grounding and connection. Their Round Mountain is a promontory from which the world’s interconnected beauty can be felt, where melodic and rhythmic paths traveled by Appalachian, Celtic, West African, Balkan and Middle-Eastern music arrive at a common summit.

The Goat is Round Mountain’s fourth release and follows their 2009 full-length Windward, 2007’s Truth and Darkness, and 2004’s self-titled debut. On these albums and on stage, Char sings and plays accordion, guitar or dobro, together with trumpet or Bulgarian gaida, and highland bagpipes. Robby sings and plays percussion, the West African harp known as the kora, and the Irish bouzouki.

Round Mountain is a group with strong emotional and soulful footing, and an abundance of accomplishments over the years. In 2015 they performed to a full house in Santa Fe's Lensic Performing Arts Center, accompanied by their students from elementary to college age. They have opened for such folk icons as Toumani Diabate and Bela Fleck, David Lindley, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Thomas Mapfumo, and the Indigo Girls, as well as opening for and recording with Andy Irvine. They’ve also performed with Toubab Krewe, Boulder Acoustic Society, Moira Smiley and VOCO, Taarka, Michael Cleveland, Frank Fairfield, Kailin Yong, the Steel Wheels, and Mark Growden. They’ve performed on notable stages across the country including the Freight and Salvage, Club Passim, The Living Room, Swallow Hill, Godfrey Daniels, Stone Soup, Santa Monica Broad Stage, the Chautauqua in Boulder, CO, Live Oak Music Festival, and the Claremont Folk Festival.  Round Mountain has also contributed music to the films Solace: Wisdom of the Dying (2008) and Ride the Divide (2010).




Written By: Char Rothschild

A fool am I though touched by grace
when shone on by the sun
I felt it shining on my face
in the presence of this one dear man,
in the presence of this one.

My dear companion, how can I say goodbye to you?
It echoes through the canyons of this heart to lose a friend so true.

If I should live one hundred years
I'll never forget your ways
I hope to spend as much time as you did
with a smile upon my face,
with a smile upon my face.


And when I close my eyes at night
your smiling face I see.
How can I ever say goodbye?
You live inside of me,
You live inside of me.

Our dear companion, how can we say goodbye to you?
It echoes through the canyons of this heart to lose a friend so true.

Without Fear

Written By: Char and Robby Rothschild

Do you know a river so wide
in the fog you can’t see the other side?
Do you know a river of soul
it runs so deep and the water’s so cold?

Yes, I know a river with the banks so wide
and one day I’ll cross it to the other side.
Yes, I know a river where my friends have gone
and I’ll cross it gently just like a swan.

Do you know that river of mind,
it can block you off from what you’re trying to find
How do you dance between that river’s roar
and the song that calls you from the other shore?

I will dance with courage and I’ll dance with pride,
feel the wonder healing what our fear divides.
And I’ll cross that river with a song to sing,
and I’ll feel so thankful, feel just like a king.

Without fear, without fear, though you’ve been denied,
it’s all clear, it’s all clear to the other side.
Oh the river is long, but it’s not so wide,
it’s all clear, it’s all clear to the other side,
and I don’t want to be refused,
tell me what have I got to lose?

Don’t be stymied, and don’t be slow,
you must live that river running through your soul.
Will you sing that song with me, my friend,
may we sing forever, may it never end.

When I cross that river on a summer’s day
and the shimmering sun has burned the fog away
and the current’s slower with the rising tide,
I will cross that river from the other side.



Written By: Char and Robby Rothschild

I cast my eyes up to the heavens,
I cast my ashes out to sea.
I am lit from beneath by an unseen sun and I'm the darkness that receives.
I've got to grind all those dreams and sorrows
none too coarse and none too fine,
I've got to meet with the water and stain it gold
and leave the grounds I was behind.

How long do we have to climb?
How long do we have to shine?

Coffee, even in the dead of the night
Coffee, fill me with your dawning light.
Now it is the time, the possibility,
from the strangling vines come untangle me.
Unify my mind and my destiny,
lift me up on high to the best in me.

Now the fire's alive inside me,
and I'm alive inside of you
and since we're together in this moment, friend,
there are some things that we've got to do.

I want to take you up to the headland,
but notice the clock up on the wall...
if I take you up the mountain in the spring,
you know you're gonna come down alone in the fall.

How long do we have to climb?
How long do we have to shine?


Set List

Our setlists vary depending on the venue. Typically, original material is interspersed with traditional songs and instrumentals, ranging as widely in dynamic as in geographic scope. The trumpet, bagpipe, and cajon numbers are raucous. The kora numbers are more contemplative and gentle.