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We make "Go Getter Music" We feel that we serve as a voice for the voiceless, be it through Hip-Hop, Soul, or Rhythm and Blues. RoundTable has become a lifestyle that reflects reality and truth.


Los Angeles is the city of angels, but Hip Hop has an angel of its own. This young epiphany has flown into Richmond by way of Decatur, Georgia on gossamer wings, and is creating quite a stir in the Hip Hop arena.

Not just another pretty face. Aynjul is here to stay! Aynjul's music is a deeply personal quilt running the gamut from affairs of the heart to socio-political issues. With lyrics set against a sonic backdrop, the remarkable talent paints a portrait of a woman's passage into adulthood.

Following in the footsteps of Mc Lyte, Queen Latifah, and Lauryn Hill, Aynjul has become a creative force that provides hope and empowers our Hip Hop culture. A prolific song writer, and an incredible artist, this Aynjul's voice is one to which we all should listen.

Virginia's up and coming musical phenomenon, JASON, is about to take the music world by storm. Whether you are a hustler on the streets or an executive on the move, JASON speaks advancement and progression in his lyrics. His music is for the go-getters, the movers and the shakers.

JASON is a versatile emcee that uses thought provoking lyrics to invoke emotions and motivates the listener. His music is a sincere reflection of his life and experiences. The ingredients of his sound consist of honesty, integrity, and genuine love for the art. JASON has become a creative force that will advance the hip-hop culture into a new era.

The word "conflict" usually refers to a disagreement, quarrel, some type of discord, or simply put...."a problem". For one of RoundTable Entertainment's most talented lyricists, the name "Conflict" is perfect to describe his state of mind.

Conflict is a rapper's rapper…a true MC to the essence. His emphasis on wordplay and intricate lyricism mixed with the obvious love of Hip Hop, gives the masses a look at the new breed of "Go Getter MCs". Precise, flawless song making and his ability to extract lessons from living separate Conflict from your average "spitter" and certifies him as an artist.

Conflict's music paints a portrait of a conflicted soul struggling to balance good and evil…right and wrong. As human beings, we all have to deal with many conflicts of interests. We are all torn by consciousness and materialism, but it is his aggressive and thought provoking point of view that brings millions of listeners into his world.

Young Exec
Go Getter, Go Getter, Go Getter!!!


RoundTable Presents "Now or Never"
Singles currently on Radio
"Keep Pushing" AynJuL Feat JASON™
"One Day" JASON™ Feat AynJuL
"Excuse Me" JASON™
"My Apology Rmx" Floetry Feat JASON™
"Beautiful Rmx" Damien Marley Feat AynJuL & Bobby Brown
"Richmond" JASON FEAT T Jones

Set List

1.Richmond JASON
2.Coming Home
3.Keep Pushin'
4.One Day
5.Excuse Me
6.Crew Love