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"Rouse, Motion City Soundtrack, and Lupe Fiasco at the UCF arena"

"The concert kicked off with Rouse, a folk rock band from Orlando, who won last year's UCF battle of the bands.

Rouse has grown a small following of Orlando residents by playing locally at clubs frequented by UCF students.

With songs like "Country Breakfast" and "Just Like Jack Kerouac's Blues," Rouse set the stage for a different genre of music."

"It was really energetic," attendee Lissette Costrillon said. "That's the only word I could describe it as."

According to an email from Sarahanne Gecan and Dave Marren, CAB concerts directors, 5320 people attended the concert."
- Central Florida Future, Orlando,FL

"Soundtrack Fiasco"

When the lights went out, Rouse took the stage. Named after a street near campus and composed of Jon Serluco (vocals, guitar), Alex Pax (electric guitar), Chris Vallone (bass) and Vishal Gulati (percussion), the band surprised but pleased the audience with country-tinged folk-rock songs that sounded like a mix of Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly. Energetic and featuring a guest harmonica player, their set made some dance and others sway baseball caps in the air, a response that made the band members happy: "The show was definitely something new for us; we'd love to do it more often. This was the first time playing for a big audience; we were really excited. It was an honor to play in the arena, especially since we're such a new band - we've performing around the area for a year or so now. There are plenty of bands in the Central Florida area that go unrecognized, so it was nice to reach a large audience," said Serluco after the performance. - Outloud Magazine

"Country Breakfast: A new CD from Rouse"

As a guy with an eternal, unhealthy infatuation with Nashville Skyline and the unabridged Basement Tapes, I'm a big fan of anyone channeling Bob Dylan's ancient country muse.

There's a lot of that earthy charm on Country Breakfast, the new album from Orlando's alt-country outfit Rouse.

With the new album, Serluco and his mates — Dan Lacey (keys, slide), Alex Pax (guitar), Chris Vallone (bass) Vishal Gulati (drums) — have exceeded the sound that they offer on stage, at least judging from a recent billing with the Oak Hill Drifters at Will's Pub.

Country Breakfast is an impressive combination of the band's fragile strumming and its occasional forays into rowdier, garage-worthy rock such as "Just Like Jack Kerouac's Blues."

Even the band itself isn't able to settle on a category for its music.

"We thought we should at least try to buckle down to some sort of genre."

On Country Breakfast, the band does a very nice job in the Americana/alt-country realm. Recorded over a couple weeks this summer at Flatfoot records and Studio 566 in Orlando, the material manages to sound casual without allowing the rough edges to makes things too sloppy.

There's a definite Nashville Skyline vibe to the frisky "It's All For You." On that song and others, Serluco's voice has a combination of joy and world-weariness that elevates these tales of loneliness and love.

He hands the phone to Pax, who recalls the dreams in the early days of Rouse:

"We never thought we'd be playing all these Orlando venues."

It would be better to hear more in the future from the guys in Rouse. - Orlando Sentinal, Jim Abbott

"Another Round of Rouse"

By Clinton Thomas

Bob Dylan meets Nirvana, on a stage shared by The Beatles…

No, this is not a dream concert organized for a VH1 special. This is the self-described blend of influences that make Rouse one of the most unique bands to ever grace the bright lights of the UCF Arena.

For those who remember, this is the group that won the UCF 2008 Battle of the Bands. Their catchy “folk-grunge” sounds were rewarded when Rouse was chosen to open for the Motion City Soundtrack and Lupe Fiasco concert last October, a highlight for a band whose usual venue trends towards the cozy bars frequented by UCF students.

“Watching the evolution of the band has been amazing,” says UCF senior Teddy Toggweiler. “Building off the songs Jon worked on in his solo act, they meshed multiple genres and added unique sounds like the song ‘Girls I’ve Seen,’ while keeping close to home with songs about local places, such as ‘Lazy Moon.’”

Formed in September 2007, Rouse is the product of UCF students Jon Serluco (vocals, guitar), Alex Pax (guitar), Dylan Osborne (keys), and Vishal Gulati (drums).

After a jam session at Osborne’s home on Rouse Road, this group of high school friends decided to galvanize their eclectic sound into a single entity. With the later addition of Chris Vallone on Bass guitar, the initial lineup was set. The end result was a group of musicians coming together to transcend any one genre of musical art.

All was not to remain as it started. The year 2008 brought changes to the band through the departure of Osborne, and the arrival of keyboardist Cris “Coog” Echeguren.

With fresh ideas and new talent, Rouse was able to refine their sound behind such popular songs as “Be My Bride”, and “Its All For You”.

Sadly, Echeguren chose to part ways with the band in March 2009, providing an incredible opportunity for current keyboard player, Dan Lacey, to demonstrate his talents.

“Dan is a musical genius, and has been a wonderful asset to the band,” Serluco says of his newest bandmate.
Getting ready to go on stage at the UCF Arena, October 2008.

Getting ready to go on stage at the UCF Arena, October 2008.

On the right night, a patron of the UCF nightlife would find Rouse playing at Backbooth or Underground Blues. That is not to say they are limited in their appeal; having spent this past year blowing away lesser groups in a slough of “Battle of the Bands” competitions, rocking downtown Orlando for the Florida Music Festival, and electrifying crowds at the Hard Rock Live and Gulfstream Park in Miami.

The journey continues Saturday, Aug. 8 at 8:00 p.m., at The Backbooth in Downtown Orlando. Admission is $12, and gets every guest a copy of their new full-length album.

The show will also feature other acts Ben Prestage, and An Introduction to Sunshine. - Knight News

"Local Folk Bank from Rouse Road"

Fans waiting outside of Backbooth grabbed their ID's and $6 to come support Rouse, a folk rock band consisting of four Orlando residents, last Thursday.

"We are like Ryan Adams meets Bob Dylan meets Nirvana while the Beatles are in the background," said Jon Serluco, lead singer of Rouse.

Rouse consists of Serluco the vocalist and guitarist, Alex Pax aka Pitbull on electric guitar, Chris Vallone on bass, and Vishal Gulati on drums.

Pax said that Rouse has been a band for a little less then a year. Rouse plays at Natura, Backbooth, Underground Bluz,and at parties a majority of the time, he said.

Pax, 21, says they chose the name Rouse because of the road located right near the school.

"We used to live off Rouse, and that is where we practiced," said Pax.

The band members met because they all went to the same high school, although none of them were friendly with Vallone until years later. Pax said he has known Serluco since the sixth grade and Gulati since ninth grade.

"I knew from a few songs they were the real deal," said Eric Bialik, 22. "They're funky, classy and fun all in one."

Bialik said he heard about Rouse when they first formed because he works at Lazy Moon pizza with Serluco, Gulati, and Pax. "They all have a pure sex appeal," he said.

Mallory Little, a UCF speech therapy senior, said she has been at almost every one of their shows.

"I'm an avid groupie who hasn't slept with any of them," she said. Little said that sometime in March the band used the name Mallory in the chorus of a song in honor of her.

Upon entering, two round tables sit to the left and the right, and past the tables are glass double doors to enter the show. The hum of chatter filled the inside while the first of the opening bands to play, Roselyn Motel, set up the stage.

The fans consisted of mostly indie kids. Girls sported button up vests on top of their overly tight pencil skirts, or skinny jeans with pointed flats. Boys were seen with stylish hats holding in their luscious locks.

The two members of the next band, Dish, took the stage and set up their various upside-down paint cans and pots and pans. The crowd cheered wildly for their tin can sound after each song.

Matisse and Carrots played third. The singer, Omar Delarosa, wore oversized deep red glasses that slid down his nose as he strummed the guitar with their electro-acoustic folk rock sound.

Gulati said the lead singer, Delarosa, recorded five songs for Rouse about a month ago.

By midnight, Rouse set up and was pumped to perform. The floor was so full that in order to move around, shoving fans was a necessary. Gulati danced to Aretha Franklin's "Respect" while setting up his drum set. Serluco unloaded his velvet case of 10 harmonicas, and placed the metal harmonica holder around his neck.

Serluco's car keys swung from the loop of his jeans as he jumped up and down and vigorously strummed his guitar. A green light illuminated his face as he switched from playing his harmonica to singing.

"I know it's happened to some of you out there before, being arrested before a show," Pax yelled to the audience before playing the "City." "My good friend Matthew got us out of it so this song goes out to him."

Serluco then introduced Vallone's parents who were in the audience to cheer on their son.

"This is off of the Beatles White Album," Serluco said. "I think 70 percent of you know this song." Rouse jammed to "Rocky Raccoon," as well as covering Tom Petty's "Last Dance With Mary Jane." Everybody sang along, and the energy level rose.

Rouse wrapped up the show with "Just Like Jack Kerouacs Blue's" and the fans were bummed the show was over.

To find out more about Rouse, visit - Central Florida Future, Orlando,FL


"Country Breakfast"
WPRK Live Radio Broadcast
Omar Demo



Just outside of the University of Central Florida, tucked away in one of the winding little dirt driveways off of Rouse Road, stands an old house. It is surrounded by abandoned farm pastures and patches of forest, a strange safe haven from all the strip malls and suburban sprawl of the outside world. This is where the band Rouse keeps its headquarters, practicing in the living room and writing songs on the front porch with acoustic guitars and Miller High Life, looking out across the tall grass and down the driveway to see if the drummer has arrived yet.

Alex Pax (guitar) moved into the house in the fall of 2007 and by that winter had formed Rouse along with lead singer/rhythm guitar/harmonica player Jon Serluco, drummer Vishal Gulati, and Chris Vallone, on bass. Together they created a unique sound that combined a plethora of musical influences, taking the folky chord progressions and arrangements of Bob Dylan or The Band, and mixing them with the sonic assaults of late Rock and Roll bands such as Nirvana. Their sound could perhaps best be described as a kind of "folk-grunge."

Rouse has played in a number of different bars and music venues throughout downtown Orlando with bands ranging from Baron Von Bear, to Modern Skirts. They also played at the Florida Music Festival and at the 2008 UCF Battle of the Bands, beating out stiff competition to win the top prize. Rouse has also played with Motion City Soundtrack as well as Lupe Fiasco to audiences of over 5000.

In the Summer of 2009 Rouse Released it's debut album, "Country Breakfast". The show was a success drawing out over 200 people.