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Route 358

Fayetteville, AR | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Fayetteville, AR | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Americana Folk




"Route 358 Americana Artist of the Year Nominee"

The Arkansas Country Music Awards 2019 event is scheduled for Monday, June 3rd with Americana Artist of the Year Nominees
Caleb Ryan Martin, A Rowdy Faith, Bonnie Montgomery, Ten Penny Gypsy and ROUTE 358. - Arkansas Country Music Awards

"Route 358 Set To Release New Album"

The family of musicians that is Route 358 will release a new CD with a few release shows this weekend. The band recently stopped by the Carver Center for Public Radio to talk about the new album, titled Lantern's Light. - Kyle Kellams, Ozarks at Large KUAF 91.3

"Route 358 Rolls Out New Album"

The band Route 358 is officially releasing the new album Only the River Knows tomorrow night in Springdale. The band recently came to the Carver Center for Public Radio to discuss the CD. - Kyle Kellams, Ozarks at Large, KUAF 91.3

"Route 358-Only The River Knows"

Route 358’s music has a delightfully vintage sound to it, which, combined with their beautifully honest songwriting and emotional performances, makes for something that reaches out to you in a distinctly genuine way.

Lord Forgive Me is a stunning place to start. The initial crackle of the intro allows a simple melody and story-line to pour out in a smooth and captivating way. It’s a superb melody, building intensity from the offset and then pausing before offering the satisfying resolve at the end of each sentiment. The lyrics as well need to be compelling, poetic and passionate, in order for that melody to draw you in and keep you involved. That’s exactly what you get here, the song is inherently organic, but the effect of everything within is huge. The musicianship is wonderful, as are the vocal performances – the song connects with you and holds tight to your attention and affection with the simple strength of expressive, heartfelt songwriting and musical presentation.

Give Me A Reason emerges with a slightly brighter vibe than the opener, the female leading voice presents an alternative delivery that suits this somewhat longer, more-country-than-blues-like melody. The mood is uplifting here, the lyrics are directed at a significant other, less vague perhaps and more personal and intimate, which works well in contrast with the previous song.

Things get lighter still with the softly joyful tones of This Town Again, the performance is beautiful, the harmonies are flawless, the hook melody is perfect. The verse has a fairly familiar, nostalgic rhythm to it, leading tentatively up towards the chorus section. This is where the song really comes into its own. The hook is everything it needs to be, satisfying and additive in that you eagerly anticipate its return as the songs progresses. A definite highlight, brilliant songwriting.

Intoxicating takes on the classic country and folk-rock energy in a hypnotically rhythmic way. The way Route 358 craft their melodies is incredible, and this, combined with forever reflective, poetic and striking lyricism, makes for something you can return to again and again when the world’s mainstream compositions are failing to impress. This collection in its entirety is just wonderful, so simple in essence, but loaded with everything required to make it really shine brightly. The live sound gives you something incomparably real to experience. A live show would be sensational, music at its rawest and most mesmerising.

The band’s creative drive evolves a little further for Watch It Burn, the riffs, the rhythm, how connected every element is within. The pace of the music carries you away, though it’s far from manic, it’s an easy groove that accompanies the somewhat dark lyricism in a striking way. Then the project’s title track brings things to close, a moment that feels perhaps the most mainstream of the project – the song falls around you like gentle rain, assuming the role of the final scene in some inspiring film. The delicacy of this final song is immensely soothing, the vocal performance almost whispers the words to you, the chord progression slowly descends – as does the melody – the whole thing has a gorgeously calming and reflective aura to it.

Route 358 are a magnificent band, the music is so pure and yet so entrancing at every step. Their songwriting is at the top of its game, and the sheer and seemingly effortless high quality of this project makes for an unmissable playlist that will see you through so many evenings or long drives home. For those who are lucky enough to catch the band performing live, don’t sleep on the opportunity. Exceptional music. - Stereo Stickman

"Route 358's Style of Fun"

Defining the music Route 358 plays isn't easy, but listening to the band is. - Kyle Kellams, Ozarks at Large, KUAF 91.3

"Route 358"

Route 358 can be described as an Indie Americana/Bluegrass band that expels a rich sound. The music made by Fayetteville natives will take you through a romantic guided imagery. Imagine running barefoot through the woods wearing a hooded cape. Your hair bounces with each organic movement you make. Looking ahead in the distance you see a clearing in the woods, a bright light that you frolic towards. You meet with the opening and slide into a romantic picnic, and drink from gauntlets while you laugh amongst friends. A comforting feeling that can be received through music, Route 385 will stir those emotions.

Route 358 has a natural sound, they record all of their songs live at their in-home studio on four microphones; two large diaphragm mics, a mic on the kick drum, and a mic on the base amp. Derrick Mears who is a vocalist, guitar and banjo player, was originally influenced by Jim Croce, and Johnny Cash. Alongside Derrick is Jodie Mears on the Ukulele bass, Jade Mears singing vocals and guitar, and Grant Mears on percussion. The band is confident in their performance and their tight knit creative community. - Caitlyn Grimste, Americana Alley, KPSQ 97.3




Route 358 began as a jam session at the kitchen table that sounded anything but musical. Then a trip to the studio to record a live performance video of the song “Alone Tonight” started the four-piece Americana/Roots artists on their current trajectory.

358's sound can be described as a swampy mixture of bluegrass, folk, rock, pop and country. Their songs tell tales of love, love-lost, ghosts, prohibition speakeasies and the roads they travel together.  

“Only The River Knows,” the bands first album, was praised for its “distinctively vintage sound, combined with beautifully honest songwriting and emotional performances” (Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman).

Songs from the album and their 2018 release "Lantern's Light" have earned the band a nomination for 2018 and 2019 “Americana/Roots Artist of the Year” by the Arkansas Country Music Awards as well as a selections as a showcase artist for Folk Alliance Mid-West and The John Hartford Memorial Festivals.

For the past two years the band has toured playing venues and festivals in Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, Missouri and Texas. They are currently in the studio working on their third project "Fragile Hearts" due to release Summer 2019. 

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