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Modern Rock and Roll. Main Focus=Songs. Marketable+Unique Image and Sound. Performer Personalities. Creative Producers. Culturally Relevant Lyrics. Vast Range of Influences. Seattle Scene Offspring. Strong Childhood Bond. National Champions. Realists.Dreamers.Seekers


Multi-award winning band, Route 7, is a Seattle based rock n roll trio now living in Los Angeles.
In November of 2002 Route 7 was named by Teen People Magazine as the best unsigned band in America by beating out the top 700 bands in the country and placing first in the Battle of the Bands final competition held in New York City where they shared the stage with performers such as Justin Timberlake and Avril Lavigne!

This band consists of three talented young guys pining for a change and in pursuit of a good tune. Despite a worthy following in Seattle, the boys decided to make the move to Los Angeles, CA at the beginning of 2003. Now in 2006, Route 7 will be into their eighth year together. Hard to believe considering the oldest member of the group is 23 years old. At age 11 they were creating music. Little did they know they would be forming a band and pursuing the dream together at age 15. All three boys were born into musical families and naturally became infatuated with music. Songwriting became a natural, creative outlet for front man and guitarist Aaron Graham, 23, and it remains one of their biggest strengths. Drummer and back-up vocalist David Boehme, 22, was drumming and singing a few years before the band formed and with his creativity and personality reinvents the drummer's role. Robert Manley, 22, is the bass guitarist for the group and brings an eccentric and spontaneous flare. All three personalities come together to make a great rock and roll force. Rapidly growing with time, they now arrive in 2006 an accomplished band, one with proven success and the confidence to win. Never settling and consistently growing, these young guys from Seattle, WA aspire to make an impact and are in search of a platform.

Route 7's sound and style has been influenced by a vast range of artists such as, Oasis, The Beatles, U2, Third Eye Blind, and Goo Goo Dolls.

The annual World Folk Battle of the Bands competition was held in San Francisco on 12/18/04 Over 100 bands on the west coast were judged on their live performances between May 2004 through December 2004. The top seven bands (Among them Route7) made it to the finals held in San Francisco. Despite illness, and longest traveling distance, they displayed their determination and confidence finishing in first place!

Route 7 can also be found on the International Film & Music Festival s 10th Anniversary Celebration Compilation CD featuring the top music artists of 2004!


Big Bad Animal

Written By: Route 7


He's a real major attraction
from his feet to his head.
He's as big as you can imagine
He's as fierce as hell is red


My Big Bad Animal
I flicked at his back
and he's right at your door,
so let him out just let him go
My Big Bad Animal
don't stay where he's kept
where he doesn't belong
So just turn back around


Very strange with his calico mane
Feel the rage of a storm in his breath
leaves a trail of massive destruction
its a trip for a ride on his head.

Porcelain Doll

Written By: Route 7

The more you walk by this door I want you more and more. just when my table was bare you just had to go there. Before you there was nothing at all. 20 years I've held on to this porcelain doll this porcelain doll and the more you talk the less I fall. so the world was wrong after all you know One more look from and I'd be hooked on one more than I'd wanna than I'd wanna be hooked on.

Ooo your face in the dark
Ooo your scent lingers on
You follow you swallow me whole


I knew in time, this would find me.
Im all uptight sleepless nights, oh I, I can't fight I think I might be falling in love with you all over again.

Where the devil makes his home we go we go. cause he's in my pocket ha ha ha I've been down this road before. I've been crazy before I've been hazy. The porcelain lady that keeps on playing with my heart and the more you walk by this door I forget what I wanna remember butterfly fly far far away from here

I've seen you break a lot of hearts before Well who's gonna back down when you take what I came here for you follow me you swallow me whole


Autumn breaths while you sleep , thought I had control 24 hours ago but I was wrong
So I'm gone.

Kiss # 0

Written By: Route 7

I came knocking on your door. I came knocking on your wristwatch. I came knocking at you. I came knocking on your cell phone. I came you opened. I came knocking at you

not to be rejected. Not to be knocked down in your hall. Not to be rejected. Not to be knocked down off the ceiling.

Let me kiss you when you're not so tired. Let me kiss you when you're not so tied down.

I came knocking at your bra strap. I came back into your death trap. I came looking for you. Step after step. A little nervouse but hey. I came knocking

Pine Cone wars

Written By: Route 7

Don't mind me. I'm just another guy and that's all. Don't mind me. Everyone falls and it's all that i do well at all. I don't want to be where you are and I say that i don't but I do kind of HOpe we can over come. Everyone's got to belong. Don't got a walk a mile to find out you can't be in everyones dreams. I suppose your mind is so closed you don't know how to cope with the world. You're like a troll who's taking it's toll like it's something and won't hand over. Alll these rights are over ruled by all the minds that think like you do.

Freedom to be whover you are is all at a cost ' till the limits are crossed but i'll never be one to wage any wars upon you. You were the one who said love was enough. Well who are you to talk ? who are you to talk? But i won't complain n, no, cause i lost who I was without you. I lost who i was without you.

Don't mind me. I'm just another woul who can hold his own. Don't mind me. While everyone talks it's hard to hear your own voice at all. I don't want to be where you are. I'll stay for a while with you and i'll put on a smile for you but it's fake make no mistake. No I won't play your game. No I won't be playing charades not another day. I'm not in your therapy class you don't have to treat me like that. Like a patient needing a theoary or creative reasons to explain how I feel. You say that your someone you can lean on but yet everyone avoids you and it's for a reason.

All our rights drown by all the minds around. Without you hear it was me I was missing. Without you hear it was me i lost.


Written By: Route 7

Free as the air caught in the wind. Starts to appear so real. Cear as a cloud blown away. View up from the ground i saw a dreamarian.

Roll like a windblown man. I've been as hi as you can get but I feel so down. Higher I fly as I try to understand and i found no end to it. I had to find where to begin.

Cling to the air like climbing the wheel. So far that you're no where near. Take within you what you need. Don't throw it away. You need to stay within the green. The truth is in whats real.

Set List

Original songs
8-10 songs
30-60 minute sets