Route East

Route East


We are ROUTE EAST. Our songs are commercial and catchy and we feel the public will really like our style of music.

We work very hard at this and we just want a chance. We'll only need one break and we wont mess it up!

Please have a listen to us and just consider putting us on the bill.



'The rich vocals and extraordinary songwriting of frontman Mark Williams define 'ROUTE EAST' from Humberside UK who combine guitar bravado, stadium-ready choruses and anthemic ballads to produce credible, well crafted rock 'n roll.

Bome out of a lifelong friendship between Mark Williams, Martin Shepherd and Bradley Brown, 'ROUTE EAST' is a band full of verve and vitriol, who's play anywhere attitude has wrapped up over 250 gigs in 3 years, developing the in-concert chemisty and frightening musical proficiency that has made them a hard to ignore live draw.'

So we are all 21 years old, we put our heart and soul into every song, every note and every beat. We will not dissapoint.

We've grown up together and are best friends and with all the work we put into this everyday, it would be a dream come to true to play on the same stage as 'BON JOVI' Just give us a chance!