Roveen has strong, soulful vocals, big drum beats and bluesy guitar riffs. Their intense live show and uinque sound captures the eyes and ears of fans from all generes.


Hailing from Kentucky twin brothers Noah and Nolan Begley grew up around bluegrass, country and gospel music. However, despite their Conservative Southern upbringing the boys decided to throw themselves in to Rock n Roll. Leaving behind their gospel roots, the brothers moved out west to start assembling their dreams of being in a rock band. After meeting singer Chris Olive through a Myspace ad in Columbus, Ohio in the Summer of 2005, the boys met for one practice where they immediately wrote and recorded two songs. They knew they had found their missing piece. After gathering in Nashville for several months the band finally decided to move back out west and settled in Phoenix, AZ to develop their sound. Combining influences such as Sam Cooke and Otis Redding with bands like Cold War Kids and Soundgarden, Roveen has developed a one of a kind "soul-rock" sound that has taken the music scene by surprise. Their relentless energy and unique sound captures fans of all generes.


Roveen has already self released their first ep entitled "help is on the way" which has sold more than 3,000 copies via myspace and touring. The band is currently recording their second ep entitle "the victims are on strike." Set for release in August 2009. Roveen receives radio play on Phoenix's the edge 103.9

Set List

Typical set is anywhere from 8-12 songs. Roveen plays sets from 30minutes - 1hr.