Rowdee Black Giants

Rowdee Black Giants

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The Rowdee Black Giants rev it up riding a new approach to hip-hop. Topped off with some of the best rhymes you've never heard this vehicle is crammed full of talent and creativity. Boasting an impressive line-up, RBG do everything to embellish the brilliant rhymes of their frontmen.


ROWDEE BLACK GIANTS, or affectionately known as R-B-Geez, is not a typical group or band. It is, simply put, a lifestyle, point of view and a culture birthed from a necessity to improve and save the World. The group name was derived from the names of our founding members (ROWDEE & BLACK) to express loyalty and family. The mascot symbol: the Jersey Black Giant (a Gamecock) represents and identifies the GIANTS. The Jersey Giant Gamecock is a very heavy bird, tremendous in size and a fantastic show bird used to breed stronger fowls. This symbol supports the mission and purpose of the ROWDEE BLACK GIANTS. We are strong family of loyal artists, tremendous in size, fantastic in show, breeding stronger minds and individuals through music, entertainment and education.
The logo depicts the aggressive ROWDEE BLACK GIANT holding a part microphone/ part shovel to symbolize that we intend to "wake people up, to dig what we are saying".

This unusual combination of individuals has been aligned to deliver a powerful message and gift to the populous of the entire planet: the ROWDEE BLACK GIANTS are here to “wake people up to dig what we are saying”. As individuals our talents are respectable and intriguing, but as a group we deliver a strong and commanding contribution to a society in need. The ROWDEE BLACK GIANTS prove that people from differing backgrounds, cultures, music, ethnicity and education can join as a collective to impact the industry unlike anything ever seen. Prepare yourself for the explosion…the bold and confident ROWDEE BLACK GIANTS are poised and positioned to be unleashed…and Things will never be the same again!!!


Set List

Typically a 45min - One Hour set