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RBGeez draw talent from all genres of the musical spectrum and from separate parts of the globe, it’s a combination of hard-hitting instrumentation with clever and intelligent lyricism solidified by a driving percussive backbone.


ROWDEE BLACK GIANTS, or affectionately known as RBGeez, is not a typical group or band. It is simply put, a lifestyle, point of view and a culture birthed from a necessity to improve and save the world. The group name was derived from the names of founding members (MC's Rowdee & Black) to express loyalty and familiy...The mascot/logo was inspired by the Jersey Black Giant (a Gamecock) to represent and identify the Giants. The Black Giant is a very heavy bird, tremendous in size and a fantastic show bird used to breed stronger offspring. This symbol supports the mission and purpose of the RBGeez. We are a strong family of loyal artists, tremendous in size, fantastic in show, made to breed stronger minds/ individuals through music, entertainment and education.
The logo depicts the aggressive ROWDEE BLACK GIANT holding a device that is part microphone/ part shovel. It symbolizes the RBG's intentions to: "WAKE YOU UP, TO DIG WHAT WE SAYIN". The initial offering from the Philly-based crew mixes the extraordinary writing/ lyricism of the MUTATION OF GREATNESS and D.A.M.E. (da average man eatin') with live rock/funk/folk/blues instrumentation.


LIVE BEATS: The Philadelphia Sound (ROWDEE BLACK GIANTS, 2003)

Set List

RBGeez design each set list to match the venue they play, always aware of time/schedule issues...a typical set list includes the following songs:

-RBGeez (who are we?)
-Made of These
-Rock Steady
-2 For All
-Extra Extra
-Come One, Come All
-Millennium Message
-B Side