Rowe is rock and roll plain and simple. With a sound that ranges from roots rock to modern alternative. Blending thoughtful songwriting with catchy pop melodies, we have a sound all our own.


Rowe is Rock & Roll... high energy live shows, drums, distortion, & most importantly, soulful, honest music. Blending powerful rhythms & smart guitar licks with catchy melodies & honest lyrics, this Birmingham, AL based foursome have created a sound that is truly their own. Keep listening for more great Rock & Roll from Rowe!!!!


For the blue... release april 2008.

Set List

Sets are generally 1HR to 1HR 45 Min and consist of mainly original material with some covers. Cover material Covers a wide range of genres.
Original songs are,
Fall Into Me
Aint Always Pretty
Home Now
Lose And Let It Go
Cover Up or Color Grey
This Lonely Town
Today Screams
Anywhere But Here
Hold on
Miss Southside
For Tonight