Houston, Texas, USA


Music that flows in blood...
A family thing....
Joe and Ben brothers...
Harmonizing the noise of pollution,revolution
and evolution
Raised in Pasadena, Tx.
Working on the battlegrounds of middle-America...
Champions of the family, and laughter, charity and love...
A band of brothers,inviting
to shelter from the bombs.


A rock band formed in a town full of factories and blue collars. Not a unique situation, but definitely a different rock band. If you're tired of hearing the same old buzzed out band, then Rowe is for you.
Biography Formed in 2007 with the release of their first full length album, "Sumericah", Rowe took to the stage with a fresh new sound. The music, at times, can be very heavy, and dense. And sometimes, the sound is just pure sweetness. " Rowe's music is unique and full of emotion. Its sweet and melodic at times and then the music pushes you into a dark corner and covers you in sludge." ( Houston Press, 2008.)
The band worked at building a following over the next 2 years by playing several shows around Texas. Some of the most notable shows include opening for Candlebox (2009), Kings X (2008, 2009), Extreme (2009), Black Stone Cherry (2008),and Days of the New (2008,2009). Rowe has also made several appearances on Houston local radio stations 103.7 KIOL, 89.7 KACC, 90.1 KTRU and are featured regularly on 94.5 the BUZZ "Texas Showcase".
The have also made appearances on Fox 26 Morning Show where they were praised as having a "familiar sound in an unfamiliar time." Other TV and radio appearances include Channel 8 PBS covering the 'Rock for Houston's Youth Concert", Alternative Scream TV on public access, and 'MetalZone' on internet radio ( ).
Recently, in January of 2011, Rowe released their first Live recorded album and Concert video titled "Live and Loud." The DVD showcases the bands' wide repertoire of music, their newly formed lighting production team, and most importantly, their loyal fan base.


ROWE- Sumericah(2007)

ROWE- LIVE and LOUD (2009)