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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Roxanne Hall"

In the week that we have featured Roxanne Hall on our station the response has been truly amazing. This singer songwriter from Canada brings a breath of fresh air with her songs I have spoken with her and have the honor of featuring her other album titled I will fly. This album The first of hers came Out in 1998 it features 11 tracks true to her heart. if you would Like to learn more about Roxanne and her music you can check her website out and be sure to let us know what you think of her songs I am sure we will be hearing alot more from Roxanne."


"Mosaic Arts Magazine"

" Hall writes songs about what she knows with candor, so her lyrics are often compelling. She has been accused of singing other people's unspoken thoughts. They are buoyant, hopeful songs, set off by memorable hooks and Hall's ringing voice. "

Mosaic Arts Magazine
Lissa Millar - Mosaic Arts Magazine - Lissa Millar

"The Radical"

Roxanne, who is well known throughout the Kamloops are for her powerful and positive support of local initiatives put on a fantastic performance. A songwriter, poet, artist, guitar and piano player, with a voice both gutsy and clear. Roxanne's CD is a welcome addition to the BC music scene."

The Radical
Arthur Topham - The Radical - Arthur Topham

"JRR International Radio"

" Roxanne has a good place in the green meadows of Ireland. "

JRR International Radio
Ireland - JRR International Radio

"Carinza Radio"

"I like this CD very much because Roxanne represents the new Canadians. "

Carinza Radio
Austria and Italy - Carinza Radio

"Country Cousin U.K."

" This is the kind of music and style that goes down well live. Roxanne is the kind of artist who would go down well in this cozy, small dimly lit club we have in the city, where the artist is on stage and people sit and listen, grasping on to every note and word..."

Country Cousin U.K.
Tom Robinson. - Country Cousin U.K.


Roxanne Hall - I Will Fly
Norah & Roxanne - The Place We Belong
Roxanne Hall & Avenue Earth - LoveIsWhatWeNeedToSaveOurWorld



I was born into a very musical family. My dad and paternal grandmother hailed from a long line of Salvation Army Band and Choir members. Dad would sing loud bawdy songs and grandmother would sing pretty English ditties and nursery rhymes. My brothers, the rock and roll influence, would play Deep Purple, Queen, Nazareth and Led Zepplin. My sister often strummed her guitar to Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills Nash and Young and Cat Stevens. As a teenager I took to hiding in my room, playing my guitar and writing songs. It was a blessing to have fabulous teachers throughout my schooling who recognized my talents and gave me opportunities to express them my mother does not sing, nor does anyone in her family. Recently I learned that her maiden name, Mau(vais)chants meant bad singer. I guess I get my musical genes from Dad!

The tone of the fridge and freezer humming always fascinated me. I often would pick out the tone of any electrical appliance and sing along with it. I also found the clicking of a cars turn signal to be inspiration and still make up songs and rhythms to the things I hear around me. I also found a creative outlet in drama. I would write plays and get the other students in my class to perform them. My interest in both music and drama led me to dabbling in musical theatre and I had the leading role of Hillaret in “Lock Up Your Daughters”. After graduating I attended Ramona Beauchamp modeling school and then found myself in Vancouver Community College’s music program.

As an adult I am immersed in songwriting, rhythm guitar and vocal performances. I have appeared on television, radio and taught seminars . Some of my biggest fans are found in my local community and I have played for elementary schools, sang the anthem at local hockey games and rodeos and entertained at Raven House and Variety Club efforts.

Professionally I have a wide demographic and my songs are being played in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. I spent the summer of 2000 in Europe on a promotional tour. In 2001 I was excited to be nominated Independent Female Vocalist of the Year by the European country music Association. CBC radio is a huge supporter of Independent music and over the years they have played my songs and had me perform live on air. I was privileged to be part of the CBC television cross Canada rail tour.

Two videos I have made with the help of a Factor New Talent Award and our local CFJC TV crew (thanks for the help guys!) Where R U Running aired on Much Music and local television stations Broken Promises, co written with Wai Hung Ma, aired on CMT. I am very excited about co writing songs with Kim Mitchell . I am a huge fan and work out to his greatest hits almost every AM.

Whether I am opening for Mae Moore or Gowan, or jamming with other talented local musicians, music is the best and I love it. I am at my happiest when I am performing the songs I write. Lately I have been spending time in my basement practicing and recording. I enjoy the live recording aspect then adding in the harmony vocals. What an experience so far! Life is such an experience!