Roxbury Grove

Roxbury Grove


It's a fun time,we know what people like and we care about pleasing them. We mix our originals in with covers everyone enjoys -from Britney spears to Chuck Berry we play it. We are influenced by Green Day, Sublime, and pop. We keep it real and funky


We are strongly influenced by mainstream music especially alternative rock from the early nineties. We sound like Green day, Sublime, and Blink 182. We have an awesome strange presence that keeps the fans coming back for more.


We have a self titled demo that we use to get gigs.We are currently working on professional recordings.

Set List

we have played for literally hours straight.We mix originals in with our covers.
Artists we cover:
Lady Gaga
Britney Spears
Jimi Hendrix
Chuck Berry
the Who
The Beatles
Green Day
I will survive
Video killed the radio star