RoXi and the Blue Cats
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RoXi and the Blue Cats

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

London, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Blues Classic Rock


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"Buy RoXi and the Blue Cats album!"

Built For Comfort .. absolutely amazing .. that bands going to go a long way....... we will be hearing a lot more of RoXi and the Blue Cats... !! When Baby Gets The Blues ..... I like to leave the good slow stuff for the end of the show ... which tells you how good it is! Amazing ... if your going to buy one album this year buy RoXi and the Blue Cats !
DJ Bob Blues - Ain't Nuthing but - Ain't Nuthing but : Dekadance Radio

"Pure Excellence"

"8 1/2 minutes of pure excellence ... Ball & Chain... brilliant track from RoXi and the Blue Cats album .. great, really great!"
- DJ Kevin Beale, Blues On The Marsh (Dec 02, 2011) - Blues on the Marsh

"Blues N Boogie Birthday Bash Live Show"

"Playing one of my all time favourite tracks 'Ball and Chain' from RoXi and the Blue Cats album who are swiftly becoming one of my favourite bands ... those cats do boogie & play some serious blues!"
- DJ Hamr, Blues N Boogie Birthday Bash Live Show (Nov 19, 2011) - Blues N' Boogie Radio Show

"Keys and Chords Album Review"

"De krachtige stem van Roxi doet ons onverwijld sterk terugdenken aan een jonge Janis Joplin. Het aanstekelijke openingsnummer ‘Blue Cats Strut’ wordt meteen sterk gedragen door heavy baslijnen en strakke drumpartijen. In de bluesballade ‘Ball & Chain’ neemt Ellins het voortouw met ingetogen gitaarwerk, net als het indrukwekkend en emotionele stemgeluid van Roxi. Met ‘Built For Comfort’ van Willie Dixon grijpt de band onverwijld terug naar de basis van de blues. This band is a must for blues lovers, but I hope in the future for a full release with more original work."
- Philip Verhaege, Keys and Chords (Oct 12, 2011) - Keys and Chords

"RoXi and the Blue Cats : Album Review"

"Tracks such as the Willie Dixon classic "Built for Speed," feature a classic Blues ostinato bass-groove, doubled in the guitar, that lays down the main foundation for the vocals and guitar solo to build upon. Vocalist and bandleader Roxi digs deep into her blues vocal palette to deliver one of her finest performances on the record. There is one moment near the end of the track when the drums line up with her vocal punches, driving the words into the listeners psyche and showcasing the band's ability to lock up on the time and dig deep into the pocket. As well, lead guitarist Martin Ellins puts down one of his best solos of the album on this track, alongside the slow blues number "Ball and Chain," which reminds one of Jimmy Page's groove on "Since I've Been Loving You" and Stevie Ray Vaughan's slow blues classic "Tin Pan Alley.""
- Matthew Warnock, Editor in Chief for Guitar International Magazine - Reverbnation

"Lotus Festival 2010"

"The Lotus Festival gig was great with the dancefloor packed for the second set. A good range of music with something for everyone. Fortunately my short visit to the stage didn't end with me falling off. The Chain went down a blast and I look forward to the release of Lotus Elise Blues. Hopefully Burt will book the band at another event." - Reverbnation

"RoXi and the Blue Cats : British Bebop Blues"

It is not often that we review a cover band, as Jamsphere is almost strictly dedicated to original music, but Roxi & the Blues Cats is an exception as they do a bit of both and they do it rather well. If what we call British Bebop Blues, is your bag then you should have a Roxi album in your collection, or at least attend one of their many live performances... Read full review at Jamsphere : the Indie Rock Magazine by Rick Jamm. - Jamsphere

"Blues für mitternächtliche Kneipentouren"

"Blue Cat Strut" is the right number to: A dark, hypnotic groove and a lascivious voice. This is blues-rock kind of sexy: seductive and compelling...... (a short quote from the original German review - click the Languages tab at the top of the Wasser-Prawda page to translate). Read the full review by Blue Priest at Wasser-Prawda - Wasser-Prawda

"UK Sensation"

"UK Sensation RoXi and the Blue Cats : Outstanding version of Ball and Chain - This will be on my BEST OF 2011 show"
DJ Downtown Deb : 21st Century Blues Show - GoldRadio

"A Truly Great Blues Album"

Slick, down and dirty, but amazingly clean sounding, Roxi & The Blue Cats dish out the blues in a smooth, sexy, and even sultry fashion…the way blues is meant to be. They sound gruff, beautifully brusque, and wonderfully thick on some tracks, but turn it all around on the next track, coming off musically sharp and held together with an attractive barroom charm.

The band is a five piece outfit that play a well-chosen variety of old and new blues, jazz, and rock. The lead singer, known as Roxi, has a gifted voice that's powerful and rich, and whose style at times reminds one of Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks or even Janis Joplin at times. The musicianship from the rest of the band is tight, especially the guitar playing of Martin Ellins and the wonderful bass picking of Philip Plant, who holds together a number of tracks on their self-titled debut album.

The album opens with "Blue Cats Strut", a wonderful back-alley blues number that puts the drums and bass at the forefront, and then introduces the vocals with a wham. The song creeps, crawls, and prowls with a contagious, classic blues bass riff that just won't quit; an excellent opener for a debut recording. "Lotus Elite blues" is a flashback to the days when British Blues had its heyday, which was the mid to late 1960's and early 1970's. Right away, there are tones of the old Fleetwood Mac, lead by Peter Green, or of Eric Clapton's Cream, thanks to the song's pace and snappy drum work. The vocals are sharp and frantic, but keep up marvelously with the instruments while still managing to keep a cool, blues mood.

"Built For Comfort" is a Willie Dixon number that exudes the relaxed, laid back style of the blues. The band does another good job on this track, which is attractively simple when it comes to the guitar and drum work…just your basic blues riffs, yet done cleanly and efficiently. Singer Roxi sounds emerged in the music that's behind her, which gives the tune another dimension and more of a back porch feel.

At nearly nine minutes, "Ball and Chain" is slow moving blues tune that sounds somber, sorrowful and beautifully emotive. Melancholy, gloomy, and somewhat downhearted, this song, with its slow bass plucks and classic downtrodden tempo, reflects the deepest part of the blues. Even more superb though, is a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain." Roxi and the Blues Cats' version is more haunting than the original, to be sure, and there seems to be a little more depth to this rendering. It's difficult to cover such a classic, and while the magical voice of Stevie Nicks can never be duplicated, the band gets full marks for this effort.

The band falls off a bit with "Rock Me Right", as they meander slightly into rock and roll. The song is your standard blues/rock fare and comes across a bit hollow, almost too simple for their talent level. After hearing what the band can do in the first five tracks, "Rock Me Right" is instantly overshadowed by what one has heard already. "When Baby Gets The Blues" is another late-night, enchanting number with a slow pace. Again, the guitars and hypnotizing vocals creep along as if they're tiptoeing around a darkened house…wonderful mood and atmosphere created on this track, and yet another sharp reflection of the British Blues scene.

Ending the album is the colorful "Woke Up This Morning", the B.B. King classic which is covered quite tastefully, and "Blue Cats Boogie", a fun little piece that jaunts along with a dance floor blues sound and an upbeat lilt running through its veins.

To say the least, Roxi and the Blues Cats is a truly great blues album. Lovers of the blues, especially the British Blues, will appreciate everything they hear on these tracks. The covers are well done, with style, and the band exudes a sincere blues sound on the originals. Most of all, the blues sound doesn't have to be looked for on each track: it's there instantly. The band has a unique chemistry of getting across their sound without doling out much effort. Blues lovers will notice this right away, and will get hooked after the first listen.

Review by Mike DeGagne (All Music Guide) / ReviewYou
Rating 4.5 stars (out of 5)

Mike DeGagne has been writing about music for over 15 years. Hailing from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Mike has a B.A. in English from Laurentian University. He started reviewing music for a couple of local newspapers, and then graduated to the All Music Guide as a contributing writer specializing in album and song reviews from a multiple of genres. Although his forte is rock and pop, he has covered such areas as jazz, blues, country, avant garde, new age, progressive rock, and alternative. With over 1000 reviews written for the All Music Guide, both in the printed editions of the encyclopaedia and on their website, Mike has a true passion to write and to express his love of music in his writing. He has a fondness for British Blues and Classic Rock, with The Rolling Stones, early Fleetwood Mac, The Who, and The Beatles included as some of his most cherished artists. In his spare time, Mike teaches English to adult learners in Sudbury and also contributes reviews to the American Noise website. - ReviewYou


RoXi and the Blue Cats 9 track album released 28 Aug 2011, some tracks available to stream on Reverbnation, the album has received excellent reviews with tracks aired on over 40 blues stations and growing!

Lotus Elise Blues : single and track 2 from the album

Cuddle Up Santa : rough mix without drums we did for fun at a rehearsal for christmas received tons of airplay! Currently streaming at Reverbnation.

Several other original songs that we recorded a rough mix of are also already receiving exclusive airplay.



RoXi and the Blue Cats are a 5 piece blues / rock band turning up the heat with an eclectic, raunchy and dynamic mix of old and new mainly blues / rock covers and original songs with shades of jazz, country or anything else with a blues vibe that takes their fancy, their sound is a fusion that flies through soulful and intimate to searingly hot foot tapping tunes.

Dynamic vocalist RoXi has appeared in venues throughout the UK, Europe and the USA as solo artist and frontwoman for a variety of bands. With appearances on Radio and TV, her powerful, versatile range and raunchy style has been likened to such artists as Janis Joplin, Etta James and Stevie Nicks. From the gruff growl sliding into mellow sexy tones through to stratospheric notes, Roxi was born to sing the blues!

Versatile lead guitarist Martin, has accompanied a range of artists including his opera singer wife and multi-instrumentalist / singer daughter as well as being a well respected teacher with students who have toured and released albums with their own bands.

Singer-songwriter Rick wrote and played his own songs and acoustic blues in North London folk clubs and festivals before joining the Blue Cats as rhythm guitarist. His quirky style and vocals provide an interesting mix to the bluesy feel of the band.

Master of the Bass Guitar Phil has spent his life playing professionally with a number of bands including Stomu Yamash'ta, Mike Heron's Reputation, 'Woody' Woodmansey's U-Boat. His playing is on several albums and film soundtracks, including 'The Man Who Fell To Earth'. With a wealth of touring under his belt, he has returned from a long needed break to wow the audiences again with his unique and solid style.

Drummer Brian has played, deputised and performed in recording sessions with various pro and semi pro bands, orchestras and artists of all styles and genres over the years including supporting some of the biggest names in the music business!

Together, their influences fuse into a unique blend of blues, country, folk, jazz and rock with a powerful and lyrical feel that gets bums on seats & feet tapping on the dance floor.