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Roxi Diabla

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Arabian Dream Queen

Written By: Layal Al-Haidari

I'll be your dancer
I'll be your dream
I'll be your princess arabian queen
You are my King and you're under my spell
and you come back for more cause I
do it so well
So well
So well
So well

Devil in disguise on the night that he met me
the way he grabbed my waist I knew he wouldn't forget me
So fierce that night, I did everything he let me
Grooving to the bass I couldn't bottle up my sexy
He said, "Oh my God You are so beautiful how come you feel so good?"
Ha Ha
I smiled, turned around, drilled him into the ground
He started kissing on my neck
All hands on deck
I'm like, "Oooh, you're so naughty"
He said, "You're such a hottie"
See, Diabla had the Eve seed,
Hit him with the feed need,
kissed so hard our lips bleed
then rode him like a true steed
We gotta go but hell no I ain't done
Now that I'm numero Uno, that was just round one


Now my coochie smells like Gucci
See he's got me feeling ready
wanna slam him so hard, legs be feeling like spaghetti
when he
steps into my place I see him looking unsure
i smile
and touch his face
tell him I've been wanting more
He says
"Oh my God, you are so beautiful. How come you feel so good?
Ha ha
I take him upstairs but he's still a little square
And I wanna make him mine
but we're running out of time
so we take it to the car
not driving very far
we park around the block
three hours non-stop

Oh boy your touch takes me higher
your dirty eyes light my fire
come talk to me boy, come say my name
No chit-chat, let's not waste time
I just want to blow your mind
Come play with me boy
Come play my game

Tai Lahon habibe (Come to me my love)
Illic shu beddec habibi (Tell me what you want my love)