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Cleveland, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"R.o.X ‘Birthplace of Aviation Part One: Introduction to Flight’ MIXTAPE"

R.o.X has stepped up to the plate with this mixtape. Buckle up because this mixtape is going to take you on the ride of your life. From club bangers to R&B R.o.X can do it all. Originally raised in Cleveland, Ohio, R.o.X’s style and dedication to the state has definitely been recognized, but now he is expanding and taking over the midwest. His fans range from Ohio to Chicago and even Texas!! Download the mixtape and let us know which track is your favorite. - Chicago Hip Hop Exposure

"R.o.X’s ‘Birthplace of Aviation Part One: Introduction to Flight’ MIXTAPE Drops"

Usually when taking off for flight, you are thinking about safety, and hoping that you will make it to your destination okay. Well buckle up your seat belts because you are about to go for a ride! R.o.X’s “Birthplace of Aviation Part One: Introduction to Flight” will take you everywhere but in your seat or your destination. When I listened to this mixtape, all I could think about was looking fly and I got butterflies in my stomach. This is the type of hip hop that we need to bring back. Not only does R.o.X, bring some club bangers and R&B tracks to the table, he also kills it lyrically on EVERY TRACK! He really shows his diversity especially on the two versions of the Billionaire remix. In every track you can hear his hometown’s style, Cleveland, Ohio. Although raised in Cleveland, he has a huge fan base all over Ohio, Texas, and in Chicago. - Killa Beatz Entertainment


Still working on that hot first release.



Born September 22, 1984 it was said he was given birth to by his mother, who at the time was asleep and had no knowledge it was happening. Life would soon show that this event was the only thing that would come easy for him.

A mother burdened with many medical problems made it hard to raise one child, let alone two. His sister being a couple years older, assumed the responsibility of raising him. His father started the path of pain he would endure, beating his sister and him for no apparent reason. By the age of 3, he and his sister were put into foster care, and moved once or twice a year. Eventually the system separated the siblings creating even more anger within him. He’s quoted saying “I remember hearing DMX flow on Slippin and thinking how much it related to my life”. He was referring to how group homes and institutions prepared him for jail by age 15.

Throughout his rough childhood he never lost his passion for music and poetry. Whether listening to Boyz II Men or Tupac, he escaped his surroundings by focusing on music and dreaming of the day that things would change for him. At the age of 18, he was finally released from incarceration. With all of his experiences thus far, he felt that the world was against him and quickly fell into the street life of selling drugs, fighting and going back to jail for small stints.

Not long after he was released, he was shot numerous times and left for dead. He was life flighted to the hospital just in time to be revived. When the doctor walked in the room and leaned over him, he looked confused. He said “Son, someone has a plan for you.” He was referring to the fact that he was shot in the chest, legs and spine with no permanent damage. This was a life-defining moment, he knew that he was here for a reason and wanted everyone to know his story. (This moment triggered his name R.o.X: Reason of Xistence).

Nowadays he has let the street life go and has a son who he adores with all his heart. He serves tables instead of drugs, yet still making music his main goal. He isn’t concerned with the money as much as he is the fame. He only wishes his son never experiences the struggle he went through, even if it made him who he is today.