Roxy Swain
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Roxy Swain

Oak Park, Illinois, United States

Oak Park, Illinois, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"UK Fanzine Review for New Love Designers"

One areas in music where bands are openly appreciated no matter how well they do chart wise is in the Indie scene, and it's here where relative newcomers Roxy Swain enter the frame.

Their new 4 track e.p. 'New Love Designers' could well be the release that causes a ripple or two in the waters they are testing, it's easy on the ear acoustic to power chord tracks showing exactly what they are capable of and doing it in style.

In Tom Valenzano, they have a wealth of nearly 20 years experience to fall back on for guidance, and in Rachel 'Roxy' Swain, they not only have their focal point, but a vocalist who doesn't seem to be afraid to stamp her mark on two of the tracks here.

On 'Without Without' she comes across on the gentle side against some delicate guitar work, only to show she's got more power in those lungs of hers as the song builds up. Not quite the timid young lady after all then.

The snappy guitar riff dominates 'Linda', yet due to some mellow harmonies from all involved, the song is kept on a melodic keel that would have you skipping about the room if you were that way inclined. Its the turn of Valenzano to take on vocal duties next, showing he's more than an accomplished guitarist, his smooth textured voice along with the acoustic guitar adding to a more relaxed mood that the band find themselves in on 'Duo Jet'. Definitely one for a sunny day in the garden with your mates.

'Spread Eagle' is where the band show their Indie credentials more openly, Valenzano the obvious choice for vocals again, pitting hit wits up against those power chords mentioned earlier, though it may have been interesting to see how Swain would have coped as there's definitely more to her than there is on show here.

With the talentless likes of the Ting Tings making a nuisance of themselves, maybe now a band with real talent such as Roxy Swain could push them aside and show them how its really done and the Indie scene gets a new shining star, one it really deserves. - Mayfair Mall Fanzine (UK)

"Get Ready to"

"As a whole the set has a pleasant AOR retro Californian sound and is a respectable debut." - Pete Whalley


New Love Designers EP (released 8/20/2009 on Spade Kitty Records)
The Spell of Youth (released 3/18/2010 on Spade Kitty Records)



Two retro rock and power pop guitarist/songwriters join forces after spending ten years each in Chicago with various bands (Loomis, Ellen Rosner, Three Fifths, Red Plastic Buddha, Hop on Pop, Trakan). Their vision: to hone a well-crafted batch of new, tightly written songs chock full of hooks and choruses around a strong, dynamic, up and coming vocalist/songwriter. The result is Roxy Swain, and the first two batches of songs are to be released in mid to late 2009.