Roxy Swain

Roxy Swain

 Oak Park, Illinois, USA

Ebullient power pop with strong female lead vocals, distorted, chiming guitars, and an emphasis on tight songwriting and melodic and dynamic arrangements. A ton of mid 60s and early 70s influences with some contemporary indie-rock undercurrents.


Two retro rock and power pop guitarist/songwriters join forces after spending ten years each in Chicago with various bands (Loomis, Ellen Rosner, Three Fifths, Red Plastic Buddha, Hop on Pop, Trakan). Their vision: to hone a well-crafted batch of new, tightly written songs chock full of hooks and choruses around a strong, dynamic, up and coming vocalist/songwriter. The result is Roxy Swain, and the first two batches of songs are to be released in mid to late 2009.


New Love Designers EP (released 8/20/2009 on Spade Kitty Records)
The Spell of Youth (released 3/18/2010 on Spade Kitty Records)

Set List

These songs have appeared in Roxy Swain's sets:

Chrome Vixen (original)
Monkey Man (cover)
Crave (original)
Coming Back (original)
Son or Daughter (original)
Duo Jet (original)
Z Dimension (original)
Let Me Go (original)
Cowboy Song (cover)
Second to None (original)
Linda (original)
Without Without (original)
Tired of Waiting For You (cover)
Dressed to Kill (original)
Tidal Wave Away (original)
Famous (original)
Angel Glow (original)
Gasoline (original)