Roy is a sensation! From introspective moody soundscapes to flat out riffy rock and grinding metal this guy does it well. Years of live and studio work show as Roy delivers it live. Do not miss out on his show it is a "must do!"


Marty"Roy"Rutherford is a jounrneyman of the Melbourne music industry. He has been involved in many aspects of the scene including performance and production of both live and studio work.
His songwriting encapsulates the feeling of the struggle of the "thinking man" in a society mindset of cheap thrills and reality television, and his ability to capture"emotion on tape" is rare in this age of cut and paste recording. Marty's works include songs from pop/rock, rock and metal through to instrumental and even techno/trance tracks.
All of his work is 100% written performed and recorded by Marrty himself.
The featured song, New World, is currently being used as the theme song for the premiere production of "Two Days On The Road" a play written and produced by Josephine Allen. Marty has also diversified into the world of art receiving an award in 2008 for his collaboration with renowned artist Peter Walker, "911 Encaptured."
Marty's dedication and self discipline toward his music has seen him in high demand for live and studio work and even in the composition of soundscapes for audio/visual installations and live theater.
Get ya Roy on!


New World

Written By: Marty Rutherford

Of a picture inverted,
Everybody thinks it's what it's supposed to be,
The depth and scope not apparent to,
Those who wonder,
Modern perception,
outmoded intention

Looking for a new world,
So far away from here,
Looking for a new place to be,
Looking for a new world,
Looking for a new for me

Cloudy skies,
So wet and cold,
I don't know what the hell I am doin' here,
Chase the sun,
Wouldn't that be fun,
Or am I just hiding from a beast who,
Will consume me


Looking for a new world (repeat)

I'm gonna find it
Gonna get it
Gonna keep it
Won't regret it
Gonna be there
Gonna see it
Want to live it
And I'll never give it up
No I'll never give it up oh no

Turn the picture upside down
And view it how it's meant to be
Sometimes the sky looks blue
If your head is in your shoes
You take this world and shake it
Don't you know I'm gonna make it
And you know I'm gonna find it
And you'll never get inside it


Roys Rubber Room e.p(pending)
Restoring the Balance (pending)
Roys Hiddden Bits (pending)

Set List

New World
Save Me
Cursed Island
Serial Killer
Human Condition
and many more...