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Brooklyn, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Brooklyn, New York, United States
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Hip Hop Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Royal Clutch - DWNtWN NiGGAZ (EP)"

Brooklyn is responsible for giving birth to some of the greatest emcees to ever clutch a microphone. Allow us to introduce you to Royal Clutch, a trio that consist of members Reese, Jase, and Kos D. straight out of BK and reppin it to the fullest. These guys have been putting in work for quite a while and are now beginning to see the fruits of their labor. They recently had their single "Skandalouz" picked up for radio play SiriusXM via The Tor Guide Show and just released an EP called DWNtWN NiGGAZ. At first glance they have a sound that reminds you of a mix between Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast and Jay-Z. All in all they definitely bring a fresh and unique sound to the table that every Hip-Hop fan can appreciate. The project was produced entirely by them with the help of Prime the Opt, who co produced "All On Me". Do yourself a favor and be sure to check this EP out and get familiar with this trio ASAP. The EP is available for download on iTunes, Amazon as well as for streaming on Spotify and all other digital retail outlets. - 2Dope Boyz

"Indie Music Spotlight: Royal Clutch – DWNtWN Ni**AZ [EP]"

Royal Clutch is a trio that consist of members Reese, Jase, and Kos D. They are straight out of BK and reppin it to the fullest. They recently had their single “Skandalouz” picked up for radio play and just released an EP called “DWNtWN NiGGAZ.” Listen below. - In Flex We Trust


Coming live from Brooklyn, Royal Clutch, upholds the Hip-Hop standards put in place by their legendary forefathers. Consisting of rappers, Jiggy Jase, Kos D, and Reese, Royal Clutch presents witty bravado, wordplay, and loads of personality. The group is looking to add their name into the conversation of up and coming Brooklyn artists with plans of finding their way to the frontline of the “new” New York.

Today they drop off their single “Playa Position” (Produced by Jiggy Jase and Kos D) from their newest project, Welcome Back to BKLYN (available Here.) Royal Clutch highlights Brooklyn life for the African American male, not the average African American male; Welcome Back to BKLYN, juxtaposes the concept being young, black, and educated against the concept of being a product of your environment. - The Source


Royal Clutch drops off their latest entitled, DWNTWN NiGGaz. You will definitely be able to catch a vibe to this one. - You Heard That New

"Exclusive Interview with Royal Clutch + "DWNTWN n*GGaz" (EP)"

Whats good ? Tell me about Royal Clutch. How did you guys come together?

Reese: What's popping! Good looks on the interview, it's much appreciated. Well, Jase and I are blood brothers and we all went to high school together. At the time, I was already into writing music. I would record solo tracks in my basement. After a while, my brother and his friends came through and we all got involved. It was 6 of us at the time; we would just chill and record tracks for fun. Eventually, we started taking things seriously. Couple years and 3 members later, here we are.

At what age did music first become of interest to you? Whose music did you grow up listening to?

Reese: I came up on rap from a young age. My older cousins would always play a lot of Biggie, the Lox and Wu Tang around me. The more I heard, the more I wanted to try for myself. I actually wrote my first rap at age 7.

Kos D: I grew up listening to a lot of different shit. My Dad would play a lot of Haitian music, 80's records, Hip Hop and my mother would be playing old Italian joints and 60's rock like Janis Joplin, Hendrix and all them. And then for me it was the same as Reese, the more i heard the more i knew i wanted to get involved some how.

Jase: Word, Reese hit the nail for real. Our older sister and cousins would also play a lot of 90's R&B like mary j. blige and swv, you know shit like that. So that heavily influenced me too as well as Dr. Dre and Snoop. They made me feel a certain way so i wanted to make people feel the same you know.

When it comes to your lyrics, what motivates/inspires you?

Kos D: I get my inspiration from everyday when i write. Things that happens to me or one of my homies, i put it together and just weave it in. A lot of time i be on the train and just going around the street with no headphones, first it was cause i didn't have a pair that worked, and then out of that i just started enjoying it taking in all the sounds, shit is tight. And of course i want to drop some shit that niggaz can feel, a lot of niggaz be dropping wack shit.

Reese: For me, I'd say the competitive nature drives me. I always wanna have the hottest lines and the craziest wordplay. Keeping that in mind before I start to pen any verse always makes the process much easier. Trying to bite rappers' heads off out here.

Jase: just being alive and doing shit inspires me to write. If i see something, hear something, think something, or even feel something, it makes me wanna write. Dealing with niggaz on the day to day makes me wanna write.

What are your plans for longevity in this business of music? What is your ideal musical future?

Reese: As long as we stay true to ourselves as artists, I don't think there's anything stopping us from being successful long-term.Hard work and having people around us to be honest will make that a reality. Ideally, we trying to be in a spot where a Clutch album is in demand like water on a summer day in the city.

Kos D: Yeah word, we're just on the grind putting shows together, moving the whole unit smoothly. Ideally we're trying to set up a full blown school tour so that we're showing niggaz what we're about, and giving people something to fuck with.

Jase: Word, we all on the same page. We just wanna be where we're affecting the people and helping them throughout their day and their lives. Also, I wanna be helping out a lot of up and coming artists, give them a platform to do their thing.

Whats the best piece of advice that has been ever given to you?

Reese: Hard work beats talent if talent fails to work hard. With faith, hard work and support, we can achieve anything. I believe that.

Kos D: When i worked as a host a couple years back this dude Daryll who was my maitre' d and also an actor told me told that when it comes to doing this shit or anything creative, don't afraid to say what you do to anybody. Own that shit, its a part of becoming and doing what you're supposed to do, people are going to try to take away from you anyway, don't do it to yourself.

Besides music what other hobbies do you have?

Reese: I try to do it all bruh. I play ball, cut hair, am a businessman, trying to get back into producing, a lot of things man. I want to know everything and be the best at it.

Kos D: We be doing a lot of music and shit. But when we not in the studio i like to play ball, get my exercise on, fuck on a little something, read and smoke some weed. And I like to draw

Jase: I got a lot of things popping off. Me and Kos writing movies, the three of us play ball, eating good food and really just chilling, man. Not ever stressing

What’s the most frustrating thing about Hip Hop today?

Reese: Getting out into the world. The most frustrating thing is getting people to hear the music. We have all the confidence in the world in relation to our music but if it doesn't get out to the people or the people don't hear it, it doesn't mean a thing.

Kos D: Word and they got a lot of shit that comes out that all sounds the same. Their used to be a time when you heard shit on the radio or whenever and off the beat alone you could tell who that shit was. Nowadays you listen to shit and not everybody, but for the most part you got dudes that be jacking other niggaz crazy, stealing flows, same cadences, same beats. To quote my man Jimmy "you don't know who's who, what's what."

Jase: It's not too engaging. Nothing catches like that. Everyone's about the quick dollar. We're not in an age of longevitiy.

How does it feel when you perform live? Describe your live performance

Reese: Performing live is everything; I prefer it to anything else. Sharing that experience with people who feel the music is like no other. We are full of crazy energy, heart and finesse. Nothing more, nothing less!

Kos D: I love it, cause you get to break your shit down for the audience and share the connections that yall made off the music. It's some fly shit

Jase: Word it is. Its awesome how you as an artist get to feel the song live and see how it makes people feel when they see you living it out in real time.

What are you currently working on at the moment and when can we expect it to be released?

Reese: We just put out our EP "DWNTWN niGGaz", which is available for streaming. And we're starting to get in to the recording process again, laying tracks here and there. Keep your eyes peeled and stay on top of everything Royal Clutch on facebook: @Royal Clutch, instagram: @RoyalClutchBK and twitter: @RoyalClutchBK. - Dope Future


Welcome Back to BKLYN (2014)

  1. Street Lamp Haze produced. Jase and D Nilsz. (mixed at Delle Signore)
  2. Welcome Back to BKLYN produced Jase and D Nilsz. (mixed at The Brewey)
  3. Percocet Skit (mixed at Delle Signore)
  4. No Sleep produced by Jase. (mixed at Delle Signore)
  5. E & J and Andres produced by Jase. (mixed at Delle Signore)
  6. Round the Block produced by Jase and D Nilsz. (mixed at The Brewery)
  7. Hate U skit (mixed at Delle Signore)
  8. See Me produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore)
  9. The LA produced by Jase and D Nilsz.(mixed at Delle Signore)
  10. Pac Shit produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore)
  11. Jumping Gaps produced by Ioan Delice.(mixed at The Brewery)
  12. The Lude produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore)
  13. Cornerstore Skit (mixed at Kim Audio)
  14. God Bless You Ma produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore)
  15. Since that Day (mixed at Delle Signore)
  16. Playa Position produced by Jase and Kos D.(mixed at Delle Signore)
  17. Woke Up in Lights produced by Jase.(mixed at Danny's)
  18. real niGGaz produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore);
  19. Twice produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore); 
  20. Don't Be Afraid produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore)
  21. To Live  + Die in BK produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore)
  22. The Fall produced by Jase.(mixed at Delle Signore)

DWNTWN niGGaz (2015)

  1. Intro/ .45 Smooth- produced. by Royal Clutch (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)
  2. BLVD- produced. by Royal Clutch (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)
  3. Skandalouz- produced. by Royal Clutch (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)
  4. B.O.S (Live From The Tropics)- produced. by Royal Clutch (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)
  5. Limes + Roses- produced. by Royal Clutch (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)
  6. Black N' Mild- produced. by Royal Clutch (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)
  7. All On Me- produced. by Royal Clutch with co-production by OPT (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)
  8. 708- produced. by Royal Clutch (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)
  9. DWNTWN niGGaz- produced. by Royal Clutch (recorded and mixed at Delle Signore)



The members of Brooklyn based Royal Clutch have been plotting on the come up. Started back in 2011 after the dissolution of their 6 man group, brothers Jase and Reese, and their childhood friend Kos D, put their best foot forward and decided to create Royal Clutch; a group bent on guiding the listener through their world with music that plays like a soundtrack to the highs, lows and the everywhere in betweens of life. The result, a self-described "life"  music reminiscient of OutKast, A Tribe Called Quest with an always necessary splash of Wu-Tang. 

Although raised in Brooklyn the trio first came together through attending their High school in the lower east side. Their shared love of music, basketball and videogames brought the three together, and along with another 3 of their like minded friends, formed their first rap group. They began to record in Reese and Jase's basement, and after a few freestyle sessions the crew decided to record full songs.

After several years of performing and recording together, the other 3 members of the group quit to pursue different aspirations. Reese, Kos D and Jase took a minute from the game, never slowing on recording, and created Royal Clutch. And after 2 years of recording, the group dropped their debut indie project "Welcome Back to BKLYN."

The album, described as " scenic in its rugged and emotive tones " re-introduced the listener to Brooklyn, the artists themselves and the problems that plague them both. 

After the projects release the trio got right back to work, recording their follow up ep "DWNTWN niGGaz", a loose sequel to the first, taking you on a ride through The Tropics; New York's summer streets. 

The Clutch are now putting parties and shows together throughout the state. One of their more recent events "A Festival of Sorts", organized entirely by the group and their co-conspirator Kellian Delice, featured performances from several up and coming musicians as well as visual art from a select group of artists.

As they continue to push their craft forward, Royal Clutch is expanding their audience with their ever evolving style of Hip Hop, giving you something to bump to for the everyday

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