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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"... they leave little to be desired since they cover all of the bases and deliver an incredible package all wrapped up with a bow . They have the youth, the music, the look, the show, the songwriting, the sex appeal, and most importantly to record companies, a huge following . This high energy band is destined to put Atlanta back on the map and that's no joke ... the music will knock your socks off and keep you coming back for more and maybe, just maybe, you will end up as one of those many adoring fans that never miss a show, bounce to every beat and know every lyric they churn out. But either way, you won't want to miss a show if your life depends on it. Just know that you were warned . . . be prepared for addiction..."
- Editor

"Creative Loafing"

"...Derek Cole of Royal 7 seems to be doing pretty well. The Columbus, Ga., native's pop-rock song "Havin' a Bad Day" was featured on the soundtrack to the zany 2001 comedy Bubble Boy, and two other songs he wrote -- "Pop Star" and "Nothing Ever Happens to Me" -- will be featured on MTV's "Real World"... about the only thing Cole is lacking at the moment is a label deal. Yes, in this world of egg-before-chicken marketing, Royal 7 has received national recognition on TV and in movies..."
- Jamie Allen

"99Xpress Magazine"

"... they're brats and they rock, basically..."

- Steve Craig


Released on ArcTheFinger Records in November of 2002, “Here For Something” includes several new tracks and previously un-recorded favorites plus re-mastered versions of POP STAR, HOLD ON and HAVIN’ A BAD DAY.

Royal 7’s first self-entitled CD was released in limited copies in the spring of 2002. Hard to find Royal 7’s “Royal 7” is already a collector’s item among fans.

“Who Ya Callin’ Punk?” is a white trash hip hop collection with COVERED, DUDE'S GOTTA PROBLEM, and fan favorite DIRTY SOUTH.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Royal 7’s blend of rock, pop, punk, R&B, hip hop and a touch of trailer park will make first time listeners instant fans. The music has been labeled "agitated pop" and "y'allternative." The experience has been labeled “addictive.” With two EPs, a self-released title and their first full length album under their belts, this group is no stranger to hard work. Add in Royal 7’s dedicated fan base spanning the entire southeastern region and its clear that Royal 7 is going no where but up.