Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, USA
BandHip Hop

Underground artist creating revolutionary music from raw emotion and experiences.


My name is Teon, stage name Royale. Im from a very small town (Roanoke Rapids, N.C.). I began rapping shortly after my father died. I found it as a way to release emotions, with practice I became great. My only downfall is that I have no real outlets to promote my sound. I wish to make it big some day but so does any other aspiring music artist. One of the things I have that pushes me to work hard is my growth. If I can look back at a song I made a few weeks ago and compare it to one which was recently made I see that my growth is way beyond what I thought and that boost my motivation for this career i wish to someday have. Take a listen and you'll think the same.


Carolina Dreaming is my latest LP