The Royal Fever

The Royal Fever


rich rock flavor... the royal fever harkens back to when rock n roll was still an adolescent.


The Royal Fever went from dream to certainty, when the Royals confronted their ghosts of Rock n Roll. Mikey, Johnny, Eric, and Christopher Royal are bound by the brotherhood of their musical trade.

The arrival of The Royal Fever on the Rock n Roll scene affirmed their fury for conquering their American dream, landing like thunder and lightning in the skies of the west. The Royal Fever immediately expanded their fanbase through their live shows.

The Royal Fever approaches their craft with a passion for song structures that span the upbeat blues, psychedelic, and pop progressions found in mid-60's Rock n Roll giants such as The Beatles, Iron Butterfly and The Cream, and their songs contain exploding beats of energy comparable to The Stooges and MC5.

The Royal Fever constructs the true definition of a Rock n Roll artist. Their songs are fashionably raw and appealing and the attitude conveyed in their music is about pure freedom and letting go.

"We want to help rebuild the foundations of Rock & Roll that have been neglected and torn down by some of the fucking garbage that people listen to today," says Johnny. "Music was made to make people happy and enjoy the moment."

The Royal Fever is part of the very fiber of Rock n Roll...they are the dreamers of the dream and the makers of the musical revolution.


09/03/06. EP coming very soon. mixing right now.

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