royal garden trio

royal garden trio

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Traditional Jazz with non-traditional instrumentation, featuring Cello, Guitar and Tenor Guitar/Clarinet.


"Their sophisticated brand of early jazz is smart, sexy and infectious soundtrack for your own private movie"

"Seductive, whimsical and romantic--their album hits the sweet spot without fail. Good timing, sexy and heartbreaking, most often all at once."--Courtney Ceronsky, The Ann Arbor News

The Royal Garden Trio play swing music reminiscent of the 1930's, but with an ear toward the future of improvised Jazz.

Mike Karoub's virtuosity on Cello always charges a stage with electricity with his unique riveting improvisational style.

Tom Bogardus plays both Tenor Guitar and Clarinet. His vast experience and resume reads like a who's who of top Midwestern bands.

Guitarist and trio leader Brian Delaney forges a modern style based on jazz guitar pioneers of the '20's and '30's.

The Royal Garden Trio was formed in 2001, and has delighted audiences for nearly a decade. The trio's synergy is truly remarkable. They challenge each other, engage the audience and always manage to put a smile on each attentive face. RGT's vigorous musical hybrid-blending the Parisian cafe with the American nightlclub manages to be fresh without being exotic; a rarity anywhere and nearly unheard of in Jazz. One listen in performance or on record and you too will agree, the Royal Garden Trio are defining a niche in today's music that is all their own.


Soundtracks for Detroit Institute of Arts' "Let Yourself Go" animated TV (and radio/Youtube) commercial series(2008-present)

The Royal Garden Trio III, full-length CD 2010
The Royal Garden Trio "Second Recording" full-length CD 2005
The Royal Garden Trio full-length debut CD 2002